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I am an author and I am trying to get the word out about my material which is not an easy task. Sometimes you have to put yourself out there to catch that big break you’ve been waiting on. I’m winning when I’m losing because I’m determined. My passion is writing and even when people shoot me down I keep pushing. I know one day my books will get out there, I just know it!! Please follow me on Amazon to see my latest book releases.

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Cold World 

It’s a cold world out there, people are no longer looking out for others only themselves. What happened to sharing, shucks what happened to caring. People robbing folks, killing folks, and going home afterwards falling asleep like they committed no crime. My grandfather always said “a person that can kill a man  and fall asleep soundly was a dangerous man.” I don’t bother to turn on the news it’s too depressing. I remember growing up I always wanted to be a broadcaster, I even got my Associates in Journalism but I never followed through with it as a career because I felt that reporters had no sympathy. Anyway they could get a story they would get it, even it meant knocking on your door at wee hours of the morning or following you everywhere you go. With so much going on in the world, you feel like you’re in prison afraid to leave the house because you may not make it back. Where are we safe? In the church? that proved to not be the case with Dylan Roof who killed those innocent victims in Charleston, maybe a restaurant? not the case in that Luby’s shooting that took place in 1991 in Killeen Texas, how about the school? no not with helpless children losing their lives in the Columbine Shooting that took place in 1999. You can’t even go to a movies…. Home invasions are on the rise! This is a cold world where are we safe?? 

Once Loved

Falling out of love is very emotional, if you once loved. When you’re in love everyday is joyous but when you’ve fallen out of love everyday is full of heartaches. You were inseparable in the beginning thinking it would last and overtime you realized this was not the relationship you wanted. You’re miserable day in and day out, you cry yourself to sleep dreading another day with an individual you no longer love. Conversations no longer exist , touches are  cold, and kisses are few and far  between. You no longer care what happens to the one you once loved. Why endure more heartaches and pain? Now is the time to walk away. 

Shut Up

Have you ever been around someone that complains day in and day out, complaining so much you just want to tell them to shut up!!  My skin just crawls when they walk in the room talking loud so everyone can hear them and wanting to be the center of attention. They don’t know how to do anything on their own. What should I warm my food on? What outfit looks best on me? Did I take a headache pill because my head still hurts? I should be asking that question because my head hurts listening to you complain and whine all day. Complaining, whining, grown people that will never grow up because we put up with their antics, by sitting back and not correcting the situation we are not helping them but harming them. It’s so sad what we put ourselves through just so we don’t hurt someone else by telling the truth. 


Woke up this morning with a knot in my stomach, just an uneasy feeling of reflection that made me gag. The more I thought about it the more I felt saliva coming to my mouth as if I had to vomit. Who gave you the right to stop loving me? We were supposed to love each other forever and you decided one morning that I wouldn’t exist in your thoughts anymore. You stopped calling, texting, visiting, just crossed my name off on a piece of paper. I’m so hurt, didn’t see it coming because the love that I had for you wasn’t superficial. I could get on your level and talk bad about you to everyone that I know but that’s not me. I guess I really didn’t know you, I guess we weren’t meant to be in each other lives forever, I guess our memories are so far distant you can’t even recall the good times we shared. Life goes on and I have to learn to let go because you had no problem of letting me go. 


Driving along in my car headed to some fast food place to get my grub on because that’s what I do when I’m starving. Not familiar with this area, I turn on Google Maps to guide me. As I wait on the light to change with my blinker sounding click clack, click clack, I turn to the left  changing lanes to the right headed to my desired destination as my phone recites directions. It doesn’t take me long to reach Chick-fil-A that’s my pick for this evening,  I can’t wait to sink my teeth into my  delicious chicken sandwich which I will top with polynesian sauce once I unwrap their packaging. The smell of the food overtakes my steering wheel and I find myself in the parking lot of Chili’s, is this a sign that my tummy wants food from here also? I put the pedal to the medal (45 mph)  easily blending in with the traffic, weaving and bobbing pretending to be Kit from Knight Rider. 

Once I return to my location I realize I didn’t use Google Maps to guide me back. Shocking how quickly we adjust to the voice of someone or something guiding us or showing us direction. At the beginning I was afraid of getting lost but on the way back I wasn’t because I  knew the way. My drive became a 101 lesson, note taken. In a 15 minute drive I learned its okay to get directions to where we are going, but while you’re getting those directions learn your way, find your way and remember everyone has had a teacher, amazing how a quick food run became a life lesson. 

Book Review: The Invisible Library

When I tell you this was such a magnificent book, I just want to read it again that’s how good it was. When Irene the main character sets out on an adventure she encounters things that will have you happy, sad, angry, etc. Every emotion that you thought you couldn’t feel will be felt. I gave this book 5 stars! I am in love with this authors writing she truly pulls you in and makes you feel as though you’re one of the characters!! To see the full video click the link below.