If you knew today was your last day on earth would you LIVE? Would you stop worrying about the cares of this world and focus on being happy, or would you let the cares of this world make you sad? All of us wake up with an agenda of what has to be done and by what time; we are not enjoying life because we are too caught up with what’s going on around us, to be frank those things will still be going on when we are DEAD. Please stop putting off today for tomorrow because there is no guarantee that we will even live to see it. 

I have always been one that while cooking I  am also washing up the dirty dishes as well, I never want to come back to a sink full of dishes after a tasty meal and full stomach. Some people are totally opposite and they may do their dishes after their meal, but can you really enjoy your meal if you’re 💭 about those dirty dishes in the sink? My rationality of this is I’m not savoring my meal  if in the back of my mind I have more to do on my agenda so I can’t enjoy that moment. Another example would be if you’re hosting a party, would you want to be in the kitchen cooking or enjoying your guests? Ninety-Nine  percent would say enjoying their guests that’s why they had the party in the first place. To truly enjoy the moment one would prepare their platters in advance so they could also partake in the food and enjoy their friends. Life is meant to be enjoyed not looked upon as a chore. Some people hate life because they don’t know about the joys of living.  It’s the little things that we must be thankful for and it’s only then that we will appreciate the bigger things. Stop thinking about tomorrow, or even the rest of that day, but in that very moment start LIVING, start LOVING, and start LAUGHING in that very moment LIVE!! 

Interracial Relationships 

I am a black woman that is married to a hispanic man, and my children are biracial. I see nothing wrong with this but some people do. Why does my relationship bother them? It shouldn’t but it does. Most people feel that you shouldn’t date outside your race but love is not close minded. Close minded individuals are afraid of change they live in fear of things that go against what “they” view as right. Love doesn’t see color and if he, she, them, or they, think it does something is wrong. 

 Some people think that having children that are biracial is wrong  because the kids won’t have a normal life, what is normal to them? They say the kids will be called names, the kids will be shunned in public for looking different, the kids will be confused on who they are……HA HA HA I laugh at ignorance. 

I raised my children to love everyone no matter the color and don’t be judgmental of others. Let me ask you these questions;  Have you ever dated outside your race? Would you date outside your race? Do you see anything wrong with someone dating outside their race? 

It shouldn’t matter who you date or marry as long as you are happy. Don’t let anyone stop you from being with the person you want to be with. I remember I was in a relationship with someone (not naming names) and he was a business owner, he couldn’t be with me in public because he would lose business from his white customers because he was dating a black woman. I’m not trying to be in a secret relationship so  when he told me this I quickly ended the relationship because I refused to be hidden. 

I am so thankful for my family, I wouldn’t trade them for the world. You can’t help who you fall in love with and no one should stop you from being in a relationship with someone you love based on their skin color, be with who brings out the best in you and makes you happy. 

Cooking with my Son

I love cooking with my son, I never want my son to depend on anyone to cook for him. When he was much smaller he asked could he help me in the kitchen and I couldn’t have been more happier. I never want to force my kids to do something they don’t have a love for because I feel when their forced they resent what they are doing. 

 He is very hands on it’s amazing how he grew up on me he went from a chair at the stove to standing there  without one. We cook everything from soup, spaghetti, smothered pork chops  you name it!

I think every parent should cook with their child it builds a relationship like no other and they learn. My son honestly think he knows more than me, LOL. We recently did a YouTube video where we made Bacon Wrapped Smokies, click on the link below. 

Bacon Wrapped Smokies 
He may be the next Marcus Samuelson, Bobby Flay, or Moe Cason!! I love being a parent it’s the greatest job a mother could ever have.

Live Stream

So I went live y’all! I’m not talking about Facebook live but I did a Live Stream on YouTube!! I am so excited that I am stepping outside the box and conquering my fears. You get to see the real me, no editing or filters. I hope you check it out and subscribe to my channel. Until the next blog toodles 😘😘. 

YouTube Live Stream

The Dreaded Trim

Every natural knows it is important to get your hair trimmed every three to four months to keep their hair healthy; so this is why I called Mia the stylist of Sassy’s Salon to give me a trim. Mia has been a friend of the family for a very long time so she knows how I am about my hair, she has never trimmed my hair before but being around me I’m forever mentioning how I dread getting my hair trimmed and how I despise scissor happy stylist. I usually trim my own hair, but I always feel that I am not taking enough off. The day of my trim finally came and I  headed to Sassy’s Salon, on my way to the salon my stomach was in knots. I just didn’t feel right but I figured my nerves were getting the best of me so I kept driving. When I reached my destination I was more nervous than ever, I wanted to cancel my appointment because I  had a strange feeling in my gut but I didn’t. As I sat down Mia put the cape around my neck and begin to section my hair; she took some hair from  the sides, top, and back, she never turned me around to see the mirror but I could tell what areas she was in so I sat relaxed checking out my Facebook Page.

Professional Hair Scissors Cutting Thinning Stainless Steel Practical

When she finished she turned the chair around to the mirror  I almost passed out, this lady cut my hair not trimmed it. I stood up and got weak in the knees, I got a headache suddenly and on top of that tears welled up in my eyes. I was livid and screamed “What did you do!” She looked at me like I was crazy!! I was so upset that tears began to flow.  I grabbed my purse and stormed out, if she thought she was getting paid she was sadly mistaken.That was the worst day of my life,  I’ll just add she is no longer a family friend. Ladies when you get that funny feeling in your gut pay attention because if I did I would still have my hair. This actually happened  to me a couple of years ago,  I changed the stylist name and the salon name I shouldn’t have , but I have moved on and will never visit her or the salon again.

Hair Grease

We all grew up on hair grease, well I know I did. You couldn’t get your hair straightened without grease getting applied to your edges, nape area, (kitchen) scalp, and throughout your entire head of hair. By the time your momma, grandma, or hairdresser finished greasing your head you looked like you had been kissed by the sun because your head was so shiny. My mom’s choice of hair grease back then was Bergamot. It didn’t smell bad and it actually was light on your head but it made my head itch like crazy. My mom said it itched because my hair was growing. 

I didn’t mind the Bergamot it was when she switched to Sulfur 8 that I began to cringe. Every time I got my hair washed and pressed the smell of Sulfur 8 fried a couple of my brain cells, the smell was awful! 

The grease actually made my hair thick and it grew tremendously, but it was very smelly and it lingered on you. Black people would ask “girl did your momma put Sulfur 8 on your hair because you smell like it, and white people would ask “are you wearing a new perfume because you smell like it?” When I played basketball in high school my mom would put Sulfur 8 on my hair before a game, and honey my head was shiner than the court. I was embarrassed to wipe my sweat on the towel because I knew what the mixture looked like. Nowadays I see more and more people getting away from the use of hair grease they use oils or hairsprays now. There are still some old school beauticians that still use Bergamot or Sulfur 8, they are not with these new school beautician ways. 

It’s hard to imagine a hairstylist without hair grease that would be a comparison to Burger King not carrying the Whopper ( okay I went to far with that one 😂😂. I keep a jar of hair food in my product supply to lightly apply to my scalp once a week.

I don’t think I will resort back to the Sulfur 8 or Bergamot but I can say these two brands have spruced up their packaging to appeal to the new schoolers in this competitive world of natural hair, grease is definitely making a comeback!


I am thankful for everything and especially grateful for 500 views on one of my YouTube videos.

No I’m not a top profile blogger or vlogger with over 1k followers but a humble naturalist who is blessed to share her natural journey with whomever takes the time to listen. 

When you’re doing something you love you get joy out of one person who listens and loves natural hair as much as you do. 

Thanks to everyone who has supported this little country girl and keeps me inspired to follow my passion.