Stop Selling Yourself Short

The most important part of this blog is in the quotation marks, “Stop Selling Yourself Short.”  Some of us do this all the time because we don’t want to step on anyone’s toes; you work hard to get a new job, and make more money but you turn it down because someone is in their feelings over a blessing that God gave you. Stop letting people determine your happiness, stop letting people back you into a corner, stop letting people make you feel that you’re not good enough. The most part of this blog is in the quotation marks, “Stop Selling Yourself Short.”


Kickstand Relationships 

For those who own  a bike you know the only way you can get your bike to stand is by using a “kickstand” the purpose of the stand is to hold the bike upright to prevent it from falling. I will use that term metaphorically  in my short blog because it makes the most sense when I discuss standing relationships. If you’ve never had problems in your relationship this blog is not for you, but if you have read on. Some of you are in desperate need of a “kickstand” relationship; someone to hold you up and be there when the chips are down, someone to share the finances when you’re struggling to stay afloat, someone to lean on, so you don’t fall. Everyone needs a “kickstand” a good sturdy one that will hold the weight of their relationship and keep it from falling to pieces. 


Letting Go(D)

The biggest problem that some of us have is holding on to people and things that are no longer good for us because we are afraid of letting go. Some  of our biggest blessing blockers are people and things. My favorite scripture in the bible; Isiah 6:1 “In the year King Uzziah died I saw also the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up, and his train filled the temple.” I use this scripture metaphorically in two ways.

In the natural sense your stumbling blocks are people and things that don’t have good intentions over your life, they don’t want you to do better or succeed they prefer that you stay in a rut, “misery loves company.” In the spiritual sense your stumbling block is you, you have become your own worse enemy. You think everything you have, you got it in on your own. You don’t pray anymore, go to church, or read your bible,  in your mind you don’t need God you’re invincible. These two stumbling blocks will hinder you from your blessings and the beauty of life. Without God we are nothing, without God we have nothing, my prayer for you today is that you  let go of anything that is  hindering you and start holding on to things that will bless you. Let go and Let GOD!

Life Struggles 

“When life hands you lemons; you make lemonade,” have you actually made lemonade out of lemons when problems came into your life? I don’t believe you did and that quote was probably the furthest thing from your mind. The only thing you wanted to make was your problems disappear. If only I could have a genie in a bottle that would be at my beckon call I would be the happiest woman in the world, but we live in the real world and money doesn’t grow on trees nor do we have perfect lives. I truly believe we gain strength from obstacles in our life. Strength helps us to stand when we feel like falling, go on when we feel like throwing in the towel, stength helps us to grow. Everyday I tell myself to hold on and never let go no matter what I face because it has to get better. I know one day I will be able to reflect on my trials and quote that saying with assurance knowing deep in my heart the lemon may be bitter during the test but after the storm the victory will be sweet.