Consult God

Something I will never do again is leave my job without having another one to go to. I let the devil convince me to walk off my job in 2006, one disagreement with my boss and I was out. Everyone was like “girl I wouldn’t put up with that,” but no one followed behind me they weren’t foolish enough to leave their 9-5.

The first month I was good and then the money ran out. Where were my boosters? Where was the crew that told me they wouldn’t put up with it? Bills began to pile up, and the fridge became empty. I couldn’t go back and beg for my job they had already hired someone, thought I was irreplaceable!! I cried every night asking God to open a door for me. I was so angry with myself, why did I walk off that job without consulting God?

I remember searching for jobs in newspapers and online I was desperate I had two daughters that I had to provide for. One day I was sitting outside and the Lord told me that he would bless me with a job, but I would have to travel. The next morning I got up and searched online trying to find a job that would match my criteria.

I found one, but it was a 45 minute drive one way. I had made up my mind to not even consider this job; gas, wear and tear on my vehicle…this was a big N to the O!

I called my Pastor and he told me to pray on it and I did. The next week the job was still posted and a urgency came upon me. I jumped in my car and drove 15 minutes to the Workforce Center. I met with a nice lady who called the owner of the company and a interview was scheduled.

I was so nervous I didn’t know what to expect! When I met with the Vice-President of the company she told me I was one of her top prospects and she would like to schedule a second interview with me, but this time another individual who worked for the company would sit in.

I couldn’t sleep that night my mind was all over the place, I kept going back and forth to the bathroom my nerves were overpowering my body. Two interviews later I was hired as the receptionist, and after I received my degree six months later I was promoted to comptroller. I don’t recommend anyone to walk off their job, but if I hadn’t left my old job I wouldn’t have grown mentally, physically, or spiritually.

I am thankful for the Tripp’s! They offered me a job when I didn’t think I would ever get back on my feet. Even though I am no longer with the company we still remain friends to this day and I am thankful that through my job at Tripp Electric Motors I was elevated to the next level of my life. Sometimes we don’t know why things happen and God never tells us why but when we look back we understand it was for our GOOD!!

Revelation 3:8 King James Version (KJV)

I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name.


Damaged Goods

They say you’re damamged goods, no good to no one else. They say you’re worthless, no value at all. They say you’re tarnished, your luster is gone.

 They’ve torn you down and made you feel life is not worth living. You decide to take your life, suicide is an easy way out, no one will miss you, you say. Who wants to be worthless, who wants to be tarnished, who wants to be damaged goods. You’re better off dead, you say. 

Worthless but still living, tarnished but still living, damaged but still living.

Don’t do it, don’t take your life, you were born to live! We all face trials, we all face obstacles,  we are all valuable, we can be restored.

Life Struggles 

“When life hands you lemons; you make lemonade,” have you actually made lemonade out of lemons when problems came into your life? I don’t believe you did and that quote was probably the furthest thing from your mind. The only thing you wanted to make was your problems disappear. If only I could have a genie in a bottle that would be at my beckon call I would be the happiest woman in the world, but we live in the real world and money doesn’t grow on trees nor do we have perfect lives. I truly believe we gain strength from obstacles in our life. Strength helps us to stand when we feel like falling, go on when we feel like throwing in the towel, stength helps us to grow. Everyday I tell myself to hold on and never let go no matter what I face because it has to get better. I know one day I will be able to reflect on my trials and quote that saying with assurance knowing deep in my heart the lemon may be bitter during the test but after the storm the victory will be sweet.