I hate death, but who in their right mind loves death; losing a love one is heart wrenching and it amazes me when I see the strength one has when burying a loved one. Death has no age restrictions, death doesn’t care how beautiful you are and death doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor. Tell your loved ones how much you love them while you can, because life is short. I lost my grandfather in 1991 and my bestie in 1998; I still mourn for them both and I often wonder why am I here and their gone. What did I do so special that my life was spared? To my grandad and my best friend I miss you both and I will continue to keep your memory alive. 

Rest In Peace




On yesterday I went to the store and as I was shopping I looked for the expiration date on my food to make sure nothing was outdated, then it popped in my head we too have an expiration date. Many prepare by getting an Life Insurance Policy or setting a Last Will and Testament  in place;  but is that preparing you or your family? 

I never think about how soon my expiration date maybe but it’s inevitable because it’s apart of life. With the recent death of  celebrities  Prince,  David Bowie, Alan Thicke, and so many more celebrities everyone is starting to take notice that no one is invincible when it comes to death no matter how rich you are. You can’t buy a cure and you can’t purchase more days. Life is short and we must live it to the fullest. Make an impact on someone’s life, give without looking for something in return, love with no barriers. 

The Dreaded Trim

Every natural knows it is important to get your hair trimmed every three to four months to keep their hair healthy; so this is why I called Mia the stylist of Sassy’s Salon to give me a trim. Mia has been a friend of the family for a very long time so she knows how I am about my hair, she has never trimmed my hair before but being around me I’m forever mentioning how I dread getting my hair trimmed and how I despise scissor happy stylist. I usually trim my own hair, but I always feel that I am not taking enough off. The day of my trim finally came and I  headed to Sassy’s Salon, on my way to the salon my stomach was in knots. I just didn’t feel right but I figured my nerves were getting the best of me so I kept driving. When I reached my destination I was more nervous than ever, I wanted to cancel my appointment because I  had a strange feeling in my gut but I didn’t. As I sat down Mia put the cape around my neck and begin to section my hair; she took some hair from  the sides, top, and back, she never turned me around to see the mirror but I could tell what areas she was in so I sat relaxed checking out my Facebook Page.

Professional Hair Scissors Cutting Thinning Stainless Steel Practical

When she finished she turned the chair around to the mirror  I almost passed out, this lady cut my hair not trimmed it. I stood up and got weak in the knees, I got a headache suddenly and on top of that tears welled up in my eyes. I was livid and screamed “What did you do!” She looked at me like I was crazy!! I was so upset that tears began to flow.  I grabbed my purse and stormed out, if she thought she was getting paid she was sadly mistaken.That was the worst day of my life,  I’ll just add she is no longer a family friend. Ladies when you get that funny feeling in your gut pay attention because if I did I would still have my hair. This actually happened  to me a couple of years ago,  I changed the stylist name and the salon name I shouldn’t have , but I have moved on and will never visit her or the salon again.

Hair Grease

We all grew up on hair grease, well I know I did. You couldn’t get your hair straightened without grease getting applied to your edges, nape area, (kitchen) scalp, and throughout your entire head of hair. By the time your momma, grandma, or hairdresser finished greasing your head you looked like you had been kissed by the sun because your head was so shiny. My mom’s choice of hair grease back then was Bergamot. It didn’t smell bad and it actually was light on your head but it made my head itch like crazy. My mom said it itched because my hair was growing. 

I didn’t mind the Bergamot it was when she switched to Sulfur 8 that I began to cringe. Every time I got my hair washed and pressed the smell of Sulfur 8 fried a couple of my brain cells, the smell was awful! 

The grease actually made my hair thick and it grew tremendously, but it was very smelly and it lingered on you. Black people would ask “girl did your momma put Sulfur 8 on your hair because you smell like it, and white people would ask “are you wearing a new perfume because you smell like it?” When I played basketball in high school my mom would put Sulfur 8 on my hair before a game, and honey my head was shiner than the court. I was embarrassed to wipe my sweat on the towel because I knew what the mixture looked like. Nowadays I see more and more people getting away from the use of hair grease they use oils or hairsprays now. There are still some old school beauticians that still use Bergamot or Sulfur 8, they are not with these new school beautician ways. 

It’s hard to imagine a hairstylist without hair grease that would be a comparison to Burger King not carrying the Whopper ( okay I went to far with that one 😂😂. I keep a jar of hair food in my product supply to lightly apply to my scalp once a week.

I don’t think I will resort back to the Sulfur 8 or Bergamot but I can say these two brands have spruced up their packaging to appeal to the new schoolers in this competitive world of natural hair, grease is definitely making a comeback!


I remember rocking extensions back in the day weave and glue were my best friends. I lost a lot of edges along the way and it took awhile for them to grow back but thanks to prayer and coconut oil my edges sprouted once again, LOL! I was in love with that 1b deep wave “8” inch hair that was the go to weave back then. 

Some may ask why didn’t I sew it in, well to be honest I knew nothing about sew-ins until my edges ran way, even then I wasn’t trying to pay that much money for a sew-in. Bonding glue was cheap but boy did it do damage to my hair.

 I remember when my best friend got married we both got twenty-seven pieces. I was loving the look but I was terrified of how I was going to get that glue out of my hair. I had already prepared myself for the pain because I knew it would hurt like heck. A friend told me that if I applied baby oil all over my head it would come out easily. I soaked my head in baby oil to the point it ran down my face, neck, and back; I refused to be in pain. After an hour of soaking the extensions they came out of my  hair easily, but the glue that was stuck to my hair not so easy; just say hello big chop. My first big chop was done in the 90’s before natural hair was a big thing or lining up was a big deal 😵😵.

I’m happy to say that I’m thankful for the transformation and that I will never ever ever ever use glue again!!!


Have you ever wished for a different life?

Have you ever questioned your existence?

Have you?

Have you ever felt like a failure?

Have you ever given up? 

Have you?

Have you ever failed God?

Have you ever been weak in your faith?

Have you?

I have wished for a different life.

I have questioned my existence.

I have felt like a failure.

I have given up.

I have failed God.

I have been weak in my faith. 

I am human are you? 

My Son’s Natural Hair

As a parent we should never try to force our lifestyle on our children. I have always believed we as parents should guide them in the right way, discipline them when their wrong, and listen to them when they speak.

My son was born with naturally curly hair and even though I have cut it off twice he told me that he wanted to grow out his hair and never get it cut again. I agreed and even though it was a struggle some times to pick through it I kept doing my job as his mommy to make sure his hair looked nice. 

It was surprising to me when he said he wanted to get his haircut I didn’t ask why he changed his mind I just called up his barber and scheduled an appointment.

I am very proud of my son, not because he got a haircut but because he is developing his own identity and not being afraid to be himself in a world that wants you to fit in instead of standing out. 

As my baby got in the chair he said “mommy there is no looking back.” I couldn’t believe I had tears in my eyes I was so full of emotion that my baby was growing up on me.

Dancing in the Rain 

The saying “life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s learning to dance in the rain” rings very true. 

In the last couple of months my faith has been tested, I wanted to give up and almost gave up but I held on.

I have had friends turn their backs on me, family disappear in time of need, but people I thought were the enemy came to the rescue. 

I couldn’t wait for the storm to pass but I learned not to focus on the lightning or thunder but the calming rain.

Sometimes we lose focus during the difficult times in our life but if we focus on the good we will get through it by learning to dance in the rain. 

My Hair is Falling Out

Saturday was supposed to be a relaxing day for me until I got that dreaded  phone call from my mom saying “Brina come quick, my hair is falling out!” I almost choked on my chips and tripped over my feet as I ran to my moms house which is right next door, but it felt like an eternity to get there. 

When I finally stepped inside my mom’s house she was in the bathroom her head was covered in black hair dye and she had patches of her hair in the sink. I had to think quickly I was so nervous my knees were buckling. My mom was crying and I couldn’t make out any words she was saying. Finally I had to take control of the situation and I yelled out “mom calm down, what did you do to your hair?” Between crying and muttering out the words she said “I, I, permed my hair then dyed it and my hair started falling out!” I was dumbfounded by what she  said so I asked her to repeat that sentence again. My mom then said very softly still crying non-stop “I, I, permed my hair then dyed it and my hair started to fall out!” I burst out laughing uncontrollably!! I know bad daughter, but my mom is a former hairdresser and knows better. 

I quickly rinsed out the remaining dye and quickly dashed to the kitchen to get a raw egg from the fridge, believe it or not the protein in the egg is good for breakage. The egg magically did the trick; well two eggs that is. I truly think this was a lesson learned for my mom. She will never ever perm her hair and dye it again! She is now wearing wigs for a month or two until her hair grows back and counting her lucky stars that she’s not completely bald. Just say she is now team natural, I’m not happy that this happened but I’m happy she’s now transitioning to become a natural.