Science is Fun

Science is definitely fun and for those who disagree have never seen the look on a child’s face when they experiment with eggs, dyes, sodas , and mentos  to name a few . I did an experiment with my son one Sunday and that was the beginning of “Experimental Sundays.” Every Sunday he looks forward to learning something new and he gets so excited; he is not the only one learning but I am blown away at some of the things I find on Google and YouTube. Doing experiments has also built a stronger bond between us, but everyone knows that boys love their mommies the most 🤐. 

We have made play dough and done the “Coke vs Pepsi” experiment. I have been able to take the experiments I have done with my son into the classroom and do them with other little scholars who are eager to learn about science as well. 

He says he has enjoyed all of the experiments we have done but his favorite was the homemade ice cream and I don’t blame him. We built up a lot of muscles shaking that bag , LOL but when we tasted the ice cream that bag shaking thing was in our rear view mirror. I think the experiment that I loved thus far was being  able to see inside of an egg, amazing what vinegar can do to a hard shelled egg 🤔. 

Well let’s just say that I’m researching our experiment for tomorrow and I think I am more excited than he is, IJS!!