Prayer Request

When someone ask you to pray for them PRAY! You don’t need to know what’s going in their life before calling out their name before God. A prayer request is not a cue to start gossiping about that individual but a cue to intercede on their behalf.

When you are broken down by life and feel like giving up, you need a breakthrough.

Lord restore, Lord bless, Lord encourage, Lord provide, Lord heal, Lord comfort.

I don’t know what you’re praying for but I know God can do anything but fail.

I trust God to heal my body, I trust God to provide for me, I trust God to restore what I lost, I trust God to comfort me during my sorrow, I trust God to bless my going and coming, I trust GOD.

Before you go to sleep tonight…

pray for someone that has lost hope in God

pray for someone who needs a financial breakthrough

pray for someone who loss a loved one

pray for someone who is depressed

pray for someone who needs a job

Just pray….



I use to pray every night asking God to bless me with my dream job, I use to pray every night asking God to bless me with a husband , I use to pray every night asking God to watch over my girls,  I use to pray every night asking God to bless me with a son; every night I prayed this “asking” prayer. Fast forward to 2017 and I find myself not praying like I use to , what happened to my prayerful spirit? I will tell you what happened I got the blessings and forgot the blessor. Everything I asked God for he gave it to me, but everything I said I would do in return for those blessings I didn’t do. I failed on my end, but God still did everything I asked him for and more. I was selfish and undeserving but God’s grace and mercy was sufficient. Lessons were learned and I’m now back praying and thanking God that  his love towards me never wavered and that he gave me another chance to get it right.