As I step out of the shadow of my ancestors who were taunted for their hair texture, I smile at the hatred of those that mock a generation of African Queens.  Constantly called names that put down their beauty, did they not see the crown on their heads. Let me introduce myself I’m Afro-Nique, given the birth name of Sabrina to kill the stereotype of those who were named Shaquanda and Lawanda, you will be surprised how far a “GOOD” name will get you. I wear the scars of those that paved the way for my nose, my lips, my hips, for they are attached to my heritage, deeply woven by nooses that are now loosened, to chains that have been broken, to set me free. You think you know me but the pain is skin deep. I hold no grudges I rise above all that was meant to keep me down. I’m Afro-nique, not born to banded, branded, or disenchanted, but born to be ME!!


Teeny Weeny Afro

She is rocking a Teeny Weeny Afro feeling herself as she enters the room wearing a floral dress and pink pumps that accentuate her black beauty; they call her FIERCE and they should because she is beautiful, confident, and smart. 

Tight coily  curls hug her scalp as oil glistens from her coils; everyone in the room is in awe because they have never seen such a beautiful black queen before. 

As she exits the room she sees their stares and she smiles, she is comfortable in her own skin and it shows; black, beautiful, confident, and smart accessorizied with a Teeny Weeny Afro. 

My Natural Hair Journey

I am happy to say that I have a written my first book titled “My Natural Hair Journey.” I wanted to share the stages that I went through as a natural and hopefully it will inspire those who feel like giving up and returning back to the creamy crack to keep pressing. Being natural is not easy but it’s definitely worth it. Below is an excerpt from my book. 

Please click on the link and purchase “My Natural Hair Journey for $3.00 USD, I promise you won’t be disappointed. I would love for you to also leave a review, xoxo 😘.

My Natural Hair Journey

Nappy Fro

Did she just call my fro nappy? Wow I’m shocked that a black sista would stoop so low to criticize a texture that she was born with and is probably covering up with a weave or has been altered with a perm. She said “I wouldn’t be caught dead with a fro, especially a nappy fro like hers!” I stood silent still trying to take it all in then I walked away. 

I was not going to lower my standards by responding to her ignorance . I’ve learned that every action doesn’t deserve a reaction so I walked away with my head held high and my Afro puffed out proud to be rocking a, as she called it “NAPPY FRO!”


Woke up this morning to 1k views on one of my YouTube videos! I couldn’t be more excited. I started this channel six months ago to share my natural hair journey and to know someone out there is watching what I do makes me overjoyed!! 

This has truly gave me inspiration to go on and never quit doing something I love. On one of my blogs (Natural Hair Accessories) I received a sincere comment that truly touched me. Thanks to everyone who has supported me on this journey, xoxo!!

Animal Lover

Growing up I was always surrounded by animals; cats, dogs, chickens, gerbils, you name it. I always thought I would grow up to be a veterinarian but sadly I didn’t. As a child I had 5 dogs, 2 cats, and one gerbil; a gerbil that my mom was scared to death of. My mom never liked my gerbil Charlie  and wouldn’t even give him a chance; I still think to this day that she let him out of his cage instead of him running away, because her story never added up 💭.
 In my neighborhood it wasn’t uncommon to walk down the street next to a rooster, lol. We got milk from cows, eggs from chickens, and seen men in the neighborhood gallop around the streets on horses while avoiding trails of poop the horses left behind. 

As a lover of all types of animals I was so excited when my previous job announced we were taking the kids to Gatorama. Gatorama is a alligator farm, but they not only house gators and crocodiles but other animals as well.   When the handlers asked did we want to hold a gator I was like um nooooo I read your sign “Fast hands or No Hands. After a chant from some of my preschoolers I went all in.


As you can see his mouth was taped but my heart was stil pounding out of my chest. The kids loved this trip and so did I! What a great experience for preschoolers. 

Last year 2016 I took my son to Lion Country Safari, he loves animals as well. During our visit we were able to feed giraffes, see lions, monkeys, zebras, rhinos and so many more beautiful animals. My son of course pushed me up to feed, and hold the animals while he sat back with a cool aid smile. He said “mommy I can’t wait for until our next adventure.”

Akili Kabibe Apparel

Note to self…. Keep doing what you love because someone out there is watching ❤. If you have been following my blog you already know that I love natural hair, natural hair products, natural hair accessories, and natural hair events. If I’m not on YouTube doing a video or googling the next hair event 💻, I am on my Facebook page posting hairstyles and tips📱! 

 I recently uploaded a video that showcased some of my natural hair clothing. One of the retailers I mentioned was Akili Kabibe Apparel, this was actually the first retailer I purchased a natural hair t-shirt from. I was introduced to Akili Kabibe Apparel through Etsy. 

What made me buy from this company was their response to questions I asked; I am always sketchy when purchasing items online but their reply showed me they cared about their customers. This was the beginning of my love for  t-shirts, so just imagine how I felt when they commented on my YouTube video and thanked me for mentioning their clothing!!

It doesn’t stop there, they also mentioned me on their Facebook page; I felt like Spongebob when he said “it’s the best day ever.” Note to self…Keep doing what you love because someone out there is watching 💕.

Length Check

Length check, length check, guess whose hair just grew and inch or two;  yep your girl and  I couldn’t be more excited. I started my natural hair journey in 2013 when I did my first big chop and after chopping off my hair two to three more times after my initial big chop I decided to let it grow. I began a YouTube channel documenting my natural  hair journey;  sharing product reviews, how to’s, blogging, and vlogging. Didn’t receive a lot of subscribers because the hair world is competitive; there are thousands of YouTubers who are natural that are preaching the same thing I am day in and day out. 

I poured everything into my hair journey because I truly believed in leaving the creamy crack behind. I am so glad to be apart of team natural and I let everyone know where I stand. I am always trying to recruit perm wearers to come on over to the natural side. I truly believe that black woman can grow long healthy hair without chemicals, it can be done if you have patience because my hair is growing.


Monday through Friday I get out of my bed with an urgency; that urgency is work. Work is a place where adults dress professionally, speak cordially to their co-workers, and get paid to do the job they were hired for; not sit on their  derrières all day and do nothing. 

In my previous line of employment I worked in a correctional facility. It was 1998 and I was so happy to have a job. I remember my very first staff meeting; Warden Tommy Douberley approached the podium with a stern face and spoke these words “leave your personal problems at the gate/door.”

At first I thought what a cruel thing to say to your employees, those that work tirelessly to make sure the job gets done day in and day out. I didn’t understand it then but as I got older I understood what he was saying. Yes we all have personal problems but if it’s going to stop you from doing your job then it’s not welcome here in the workplace.

 I hear so many that complain about their work load and don’t realize how many people would love to be in the  position that they take for granted. The unemployed stand in long lines daily looking for jobs that you are blessed to have.  

In closing I leave these words; everyday get up with a mindset to be better, and do better because actions go much further than words. 

Natural Hair Accessories 

Do you have Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, or Snapchat? Well if you do you have seen the latest accessories for natural hair plastered all over social media outlets. In a previous blog I wrote about natural hair tshirts, well I am now strongly into natural hair accessories. I attended a hair show a couple of months ago and was able to purchase me a cute pair of earrings. 

I just love rocking my natural hair and putting that stamp of approval on my attire by saying I don’t just talk about it, I be about it! My daughters surprised me for Christmas 2016 by purchasing me natural hair accessories. I received a bumper sticker to promote my YouTube channel, a tshirt, tote bag, and phone case. I was so overjoyed I did a YouTube video about my gifts, and now this blog 😂😂.

I’m not saying everyone has to go out and buy natural hair accessories I’m just saying I love them and I love it more when someone surprises with a gift that’s a hair accessory. Hope you enjoyed this blog, if so follow my natural hair journey. 

Natural Hair Accessories