Book Review: The Heirs

I have always been an avid reader and my love for books is endless, especially mysteries. I can recall going to Barnes and Noble just browsing the aisles looking for a book that would catch my eye, but never in a million years did I ever foresee myself as a book reviewer. I recently did my first book review on Blogging for Books and Goodreads. I usually try to read two books at a time, LOL.  I usually read my Kindle in the morning, and my hard copy book at night, no better feeling than being cuddled in the bed with a good book before you go to sleep. If you’re avid reader let’s connect on Goodreads.

“The Heirs” – book review below.

The beginning of the book starts off intense, it reels you in by talking about Rupert Falkes fight with cancer and his willingness to live. You are introduced to his wife and children thinking this is the perfect family. Rupert came from nothing and became a millionaire in his own rights, his wife had a great upbringing but didn’t aquire love until she met Rupert. The Falkes seem like your typical family, married with 5 boys and living the American dream until Rupert Falkes dies and the truth is revealed. I loved the book, not what I expected which was excellent. I received this book courtesy of Blogging for Books.