Kickstand Relationships 

For those who own  a bike you know the only way you can get your bike to stand is by using a “kickstand” the purpose of the stand is to hold the bike upright to prevent it from falling. I will use that term metaphorically  in my short blog because it makes the most sense when I discuss standing relationships. If you’ve never had problems in your relationship this blog is not for you, but if you have read on. Some of you are in desperate need of a “kickstand” relationship; someone to hold you up and be there when the chips are down, someone to share the finances when you’re struggling to stay afloat, someone to lean on, so you don’t fall. Everyone needs a “kickstand” a good sturdy one that will hold the weight of their relationship and keep it from falling to pieces. 


Damaged Goods

They say you’re damamged goods, no good to no one else. They say you’re worthless, no value at all. They say you’re tarnished, your luster is gone.

 They’ve torn you down and made you feel life is not worth living. You decide to take your life, suicide is an easy way out, no one will miss you, you say. Who wants to be worthless, who wants to be tarnished, who wants to be damaged goods. You’re better off dead, you say. 

Worthless but still living, tarnished but still living, damaged but still living.

Don’t do it, don’t take your life, you were born to live! We all face trials, we all face obstacles,  we are all valuable, we can be restored.

Book Release 

I can remember sitting in English class and my seventh grade teacher Dr. Crowell would give us writing assignments. I would sit there half of the period twiddling my thumbs because I didn’t know what to write about. One day as he was walking around the class he came and stood by my desk and said “writing is easy if you apply yourself, but the first thing you must do is brainstorm.” He then went to the board and start drawing these little circles that he would write words in and draw a line connecting to another circle. “This will help you become a great writer,” he said. That one lesson stuck with me and has helped me to channel my thoughts on paper before I even start writing a book. Dr. Crowell left this world sometime ago, but his teachings were instilled in me. I’m proud to say through brainstorming I was able to release “She Knew Too Much” on Amazon and it’s my second paperback release. To view my books click on the link below.

Small Town Gossip

Living in a small town you can expect everyone to know your mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, auntie, uncle, cousins; you get the picture, LOL. They not only know your family but your business as well. They will gossip about you and tell you to your face what they said. If you weren’t raised in that particular small town you stick out like a sore thumb and you get the evil eye when you try to smile and ease the stares. Small towns don’t want outsiders coming in they are only content with being around the people that they know and grew up with. Who cares if they have only one stoplight and no grocery store they rather travel two hours to get a decent meal and buy two weeks worth of groceries. I live in a small town and I wouldn’t change my upbringing for anything in this world , it made me more humble and appreciative especially when I moved to the city and no one spoke or held the door open; if you were coming they let it slam in your face 😱. It only made sense that my first book would be titled “Small Town Gossip.” Not to toot my own horn, but I’m proud of myself because I did something that some said I couldn’t. If you have a dream don’t stop dreaming, don’t stop doing, keep pushing forward, one no will someday equal a hundred yesssssss! If you want to know what it’s like to live in a small town, please check out my first paperback on Amazon, LINK BELOW. 

Small Town Gossip

Christmas Tree

I’ve been thinking, seriously thinking of what type of Christmas tree my family will have this year. 

Do we want real or do we want fake? Do we want tall or do we want short? What will be our theme? 

So much thought goes into tree decorating and sometimes it becomes stressful and not fun.

We’re not the traditional family so this year we decided to go with a fake tree, somewhat tall and our theme this year will be my favorite candy.

Yes I said candy! 

My husband and children convinced me to make the tree a “mint tree” since I love peppermints so much. Before I could start on the main tree I helped my son with his tree. 

My son wanted his own tree and he stressed the fact that he wanted a candy tree, because he loves Willie Wonka and that was his theme; so I bought him his very own tree and pulled out leftover Halloween candy and we decorated it together.

I topped his tree with a candy cane and put cake sprinkles and other small candies in clear balls while he hung twizzlers, sour patches , and his other favorite treats around the tree. He loved the way his tree turned out.

After finishing his tree it was time to work on the “Peppermint Tree.” As my daughter hung the candy canes, my husband sat on the couch telling us to move this, move that, and I worked on the tree topper.

I love all type of mints so I decided to make the tree topper a giant mint ball. My glue gun is my bestie. 

After two and a half bag of mints, the topper was done. I wrapped it in Saran Wrap to make it look like a store bought candy. 

I love our tree and yes it’s different but my family loves it and that is all that matters. Please feel free to leave your comment on what you think. 

Have a Merry Christmas bloggers and remember to have fun decorating your tree my family definitely did! Also if you have children let them be involved in decorating the tree or get them a small one as their very own.