A Taste of  Uncertainty 

As I sit here on the edge of my couch I wish this storm on no one, no one deserves this fear of uncertainty, no one knows heartbreak until they tell you to evacuate your home. Why wasn’t this a fun filled weekend, instead of one filled with anxiety? Why did Hurricane Irma have to come this way? I am holding on to my FAITH because that is all I have left!! I hate this time of the year when hurricane season approaches. What a devastating and awful way to lose your life, to be taken by the wind or even the rain. So much emphasis on the “Herbert Hoover Dike” will it withstand the storm??? My heart truly goes out to those affected by Katrina, Sandy, and Harvey!! You never know what people actually go through during a storm unless you, yourself are put in that situation. 

Who am I to compare myself with those that went through those terrible storms?  I haven’t lost materials or loved ones, so who I am to complain? I hate watching the news during these times but I have to keep myself in the loop, some broadcasters make me sick to my stomach, to think the word “catastrophe” is thrown around so loosely, sometimes I think they want something to happen to get that story!! They have no idea how you feel, these type of news reporters are inhuman at times. As I try to calm down  I think to myself the joys of a Florida resident, moving from shelter to shelter. I’m still in shock, this writing is starting to make things settle in this tiny brain of mine. As I double check my Hurricane Irma supply list it reads; flashlight check, batteries check, medicine check, water check,  vienna sausages check, peanut butter crackers check, PRAYERS OF THE RIGHTEOUS check, I literally want to scream!!! The reality is that we are under a hurricane watch, the governor said get out!!

 At the end of the day just know why I stayed behind, my mother wouldn’t leave. Older people are stubborn at times and there is nothing you can do to make them budge even a bulldozer would fail. What kind of daughter would I be if I was to leave my elderly mother behind, not a good daughter. Patiently I await for this storm to leave Florida alone and crawl back into the sea, only then will I shout out “we made it, we survived a storm that the news media labeled Catastrophic by the GRACE OF GOD!!”



As I step out of the shadow of my ancestors who were taunted for their hair texture, I smile at the hatred of those that mock a generation of African Queens.  Constantly called names that put down their beauty, did they not see the crown on their heads. Let me introduce myself I’m Afro-Nique, given the birth name of Sabrina to kill the stereotype of those who were named Shaquanda and Lawanda, you will be surprised how far a “GOOD” name will get you. I wear the scars of those that paved the way for my nose, my lips, my hips, for they are attached to my heritage, deeply woven by nooses that are now loosened, to chains that have been broken, to set me free. You think you know me but the pain is skin deep. I hold no grudges I rise above all that was meant to keep me down. I’m Afro-nique, not born to banded, branded, or disenchanted, but born to be ME!!


Stop Selling Yourself Short

The most important part of this blog is in the quotation marks, “Stop Selling Yourself Short.”  Some of us do this all the time because we don’t want to step on anyone’s toes; you work hard to get a new job, and make more money but you turn it down because someone is in their feelings over a blessing that God gave you. Stop letting people determine your happiness, stop letting people back you into a corner, stop letting people make you feel that you’re not good enough. The most part of this blog is in the quotation marks, “Stop Selling Yourself Short.”

Blogging for Likes

Are you blogging for likes? I often ask this question amongst bloggers to get their input on why they blog. As for me blogging is like therapy; I am cleansing my soul and it just so happens people from all over the world are reading my inner thoughts. I use to get upset when my peers didn’t like what I posted but then I realized I can’t be concerned with likes; I am writing to express what I have been through or currently in the midst of. When you write for likes you’re not expressing who you are, but who people want you to be. From this day forth be you, engage your readers, dig deep. The purpose of my blog is to let others know that they are not alone, we are all fighting some type of battle or reaping some type of award. Your objective on your page is up to you but people will get more understanding when you write from the heart. 

Watering Your Seed

I woke up this morning a little down in my spirit because I felt that my books weren’t receiving the attention they so desperately need and then I strolled on social media and came across a Tyler Video that talked about “Watering Your Seed.” Oh how that video changed my outlook on my situation, you see I’m so busy focusing on the now I can’t see my future. No matter who tries to dig up my seed, I must keep it watered. You see  without water,  plants don’t grow and branches don’t sprout leaves. 

Tyler talked about his uphill journey and how he spent countless money trying to get his plays out to the mainstream audience until eventually he got a breakthrough and God opened doors for him, meaning everyone’s success don’t happen overnight but that’s not a sign for you to give up but keep pushing forward! When God gives you a gift/talent  you use it don’t plant it and forget about it but water it so it can grow. 

That video also made me think of the illustration in the Bible, Matthew 25:14-30 if God gives you one TALENT you use it, exercise your gift because God will make room for it Proverbs 18:16. For those who just planted a seed keep watering it, for those who seeds are starting to sprout keep watering it, for those who have branches keep watering it, for those who have leaves keep watering it and for those who have a tree keep watering it. When you keep God first your TALENT will make room for you!! 

Kickstand Relationships 

For those who own  a bike you know the only way you can get your bike to stand is by using a “kickstand” the purpose of the stand is to hold the bike upright to prevent it from falling. I will use that term metaphorically  in my short blog because it makes the most sense when I discuss standing relationships. If you’ve never had problems in your relationship this blog is not for you, but if you have read on. Some of you are in desperate need of a “kickstand” relationship; someone to hold you up and be there when the chips are down, someone to share the finances when you’re struggling to stay afloat, someone to lean on, so you don’t fall. Everyone needs a “kickstand” a good sturdy one that will hold the weight of their relationship and keep it from falling to pieces. 


Damaged Goods

They say you’re damamged goods, no good to no one else. They say you’re worthless, no value at all. They say you’re tarnished, your luster is gone.

 They’ve torn you down and made you feel life is not worth living. You decide to take your life, suicide is an easy way out, no one will miss you, you say. Who wants to be worthless, who wants to be tarnished, who wants to be damaged goods. You’re better off dead, you say. 

Worthless but still living, tarnished but still living, damaged but still living.

Don’t do it, don’t take your life, you were born to live! We all face trials, we all face obstacles,  we are all valuable, we can be restored.