You find out who your true friends are when you need their support. The true test of a friend is when you decide to make a change in your life. Pay close attention to how many will encourage you to go for it or how many will discourage you to quit before you even start this should be a determining factor of who to cut out of your life. It’s a shame to say the word “SUPPORT” has broken up long term relationships that made pinky promises and swore to never let anything come between them but jealousy did.

Jealousy is a terrible disease that rises up in people’s heart that causes one to dislike another’s success. Some people don’t want you to be a step ahead, not knowing that success is granted to anyone who works for it. I have learned over the years that I outgrew some relationships (family, friends) and it’s okay because it’s apart of my growth.

I’ve learned over the years to ⤵️

Stop taking step backwards because of unsupportive people…..

Stop being ashamed of my progress and success….

Stop letting others determine my destiny….

My daily quote ⤵️

“I am strong, determined, meaningful, successful, and enough. I may lose some supporters, but that is okay because the reward will be greater at the end.”

– S. Gonzalez



You gave me your last name when my father wouldn’t.

You encouraged me to write when I told you I couldn’t.

You purchased materials that you said I would need.

You saw a talent in me that I couldn’t see.

You taught me to believe in my dreams.

And I am forever grateful that you believed in me

Dedicating all my books in your honor for without you I would be no author.

Against the World

Waking up some mornings I feel as though it’s just me against the world. Everything that is supposed to go right goes wrong. That vicious cycle of life deals you a hard blow and no one, I mean no one comes to your rescue, instead of giving you a band-aid for your wound they pour salt on it. It took me awhile to realize that everyone that smiles in your face doesn’t have your best interest at heart.

It’s always the ones that you have known the longest that develops that deadly disease of jealousy and becomes your biggest hater instead of your biggest fan. If it’s me against the world so be it. I will stand alone, but when I become famous please no crowding.

A Nail

I wasn’t looking for a relationship and didn’t care that you fixed my tire, it was your job and no I wasn’t tipping you.

As I walked away I looked back at you thinking I hope I never see you again.

Two months later another nail.

Denying your offers, not interested.

You’re cute, but not all that, you walk on your tip-toes for goodness sake.

I gave in and went on a date with you and one year later we were married.

I wasn’t looking for love, but I fell in love with you and I thank God everyday for that nail that sealed the deal.

Facebook Challenge

There is always some type of challenge on Facebook. Let’s see we’ve seen the ice bucket challenge, the lighting yourself on fire challenge, the fainting challenge and many more. One challenge I have yet to see on Facebook is the do better challenge.

Logging into my account I see the same people doing the same thing day in and day out with no change in sight. How about challenging yourself to do better.

Change is good, one should want better for themselves; more money, and more opportunities.

Let’s see the help yourself challenge and the do better challenge become popular. I wonder how many people will do these.

Church Hurt

He did it, yes he abused me! I told you, but you made me believe it was my fault. “No man would just rape you unless you teased him,” she said. I stopped going to church; angry, sad, hurt and disappointed. Who else have you done this to? Using God’s place of worship as Satan’s playground.

For years I hated you, For years I hated the church, For years I stopped going to church.

The hate I felt towards you shattered relationships with others that I loved.

One morning I woke up with forgiveness in my heart. Forgiving the ones who didn’t stand beside me!! I forgave the church who didn’t believe you raped me and called me a liar, forgiving you for taking something away from me that I could never get back even when I cried out NO!

You were apart of the church, you were living for God, singing his songs, calling in his name!!

I will never forget what y’all did, but I forgive. You all put me through hell! Thankfully I kept my faith in God, thankfully I gave all my hurt to God and in return he gave me a piece of mind.


Have you ever been so angry you couldn’t write down the words to express the way you felt? Those angry words would have given your paper a black eye, but you decided to lie about the way you felt and let the words coexist with happiness that didn’t exist.

People tell you to not be angry, but when have you seen someone bury anger in a casket, oh RIP to the anger I feel towards you. I’ll make sure to buy anger a special flower to lay on top of his/her grave to let the world know I cared.

We were born with emotions that shape our way of living daily, some of those emotions the good Lord could have left out when he put me together.

Right now I am angry, can you tell?

Not angry at any specific person, only myself for not burying anger years ago!!!