If you knew today was your last day on earth would you LIVE? Would you stop worrying about the cares of this world and focus on being happy, or would you let the cares of this world make you sad? All of us wake up with an agenda of what has to be done and by what time; we are not enjoying life because we are too caught up with what’s going on around us, to be frank those things will still be going on when we are DEAD. Please stop putting off today for tomorrow because there is no guarantee that we will even live to see it. 

I have always been one that while cooking I  am also washing up the dirty dishes as well, I never want to come back to a sink full of dishes after a tasty meal and full stomach. Some people are totally opposite and they may do their dishes after their meal, but can you really enjoy your meal if you’re 💭 about those dirty dishes in the sink? My rationality of this is I’m not savoring my meal  if in the back of my mind I have more to do on my agenda so I can’t enjoy that moment. Another example would be if you’re hosting a party, would you want to be in the kitchen cooking or enjoying your guests? Ninety-Nine  percent would say enjoying their guests that’s why they had the party in the first place. To truly enjoy the moment one would prepare their platters in advance so they could also partake in the food and enjoy their friends. Life is meant to be enjoyed not looked upon as a chore. Some people hate life because they don’t know about the joys of living.  It’s the little things that we must be thankful for and it’s only then that we will appreciate the bigger things. Stop thinking about tomorrow, or even the rest of that day, but in that very moment start LIVING, start LOVING, and start LAUGHING in that very moment LIVE!! 

She’s a Fighter

April 20, 2017 my daughter was admitted into the hospital; this was the worst day of my  life. I say my life because a mother is supposed to protect and take care of their child and I felt so helpless; to see my child sick and not be able to do anything. I wished so badly that I could trade places with her, that I could take her pain!!  For nine days my daughter fought for her life; five of those days was spent in ICU where she wasn’t even able to breathe on her own . Everyday the doctors would come by her room and tell me how sick she was and that she could have died with Sepsis Shock! My daughter is a beautiful nineteen year with the world at her finger tips, she is vibrant and enjoys life so for her to have been admitted into the hospital and now in a fight for her life wasn’t fair. I prayed day in and day out asking God to please leave her here with me and not take her to be with him. 

My daughter never gets sick so when she called me to say she didn’t feel good I thought she had the flu or food poisoning. When I heard her vomit over the phone I knew there was something wrong and when I FaceTimed her and looked at her face I knew something was seriously wrong. I called my friend Sharon and we headed to Miami; that seemed like the longest ride of our lives!! We couldn’t get to her college quick enough; when I reached her she was weak but I still was thinking it was the flu. After we loaded up the car departing FIU she laid down in the backseat and went to sleep. She seemed to be getting better until she woke me up at 4am saying she was cold and had chills. I called the paramedics and we made the trip to the hospital. 

When we got to our local hospital they told me that my daughter had a kidney stone and that it was very big; 2.2 centimeters to be exact and they would transfer her to another hospital. When we got to that hospital they did another scan and seen she had not just one but two stones and the one that was blocking her urethra was 8mm.  They did an emergency procedure to unblock the urine in her kidney by putting a needle in that area to drain the fluid. You would think this would take care of the problem but complications caused her blood pressure and oxygen to drop; also elevate her heart rate. They called code Sepsis three times before admitting her into ICU. 

The ICU doctor couldn’t believe that she survived after having Sepsis Shock, being on a Bipap and High Flow. 

My daughter went home today on April 29, 2017 with a Nephrostomy Tube; she will follow up on Monday to see where we go from here. I am a praying mother and I know God to be a healer. For those that have experienced this I pray for you, if you have never experienced this be thankful and pray for those that have. My daughter is a fighter and I know God has his reasons and I can’t question him, she is my miracle child and her present being and future being is not over because God has something great in store for her. I started the hashtag #prayforbritt because her road to recovery is just beginning. 

MLK Memorial 

As I walked around the MLK memorial tears began to fall from my eyes. I couldn’t believe I was actually there! I was standing outside Ebenezer Baptist Church, a church that Dr. King once preached in, I was viewing clothing that Dr. King once wore, I was standing next to  the wagon that carried Dr. King’s casket. As I listened to his prerecorded voice speak the words “I may not get there with you. But I want you to know tonight, that we, as a people, will get to the Promised Land. So I’m happy, tonight. I’m not worried about anything. I’m not fearing any man. Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord” put me in a trance. I believe Dr. King knew he would die but he wasn’t phased by the threats made on his life he stood his ground, he drove out HATE with LOVE. 

To know your history is to love your history and embrace your history. I am a black woman and that will never change, meaning from the inside or outside. Martin Luther King, Jr didn’t know me but he sacrificed his life for my freedom. He preached love and not hate. How can you hate someone based on the color of their skin? How can you deny someone a better education based on the color of their skin? 

I often say I am glad that the Lord didn’t allow me to live in those days because I don’t think I could have went through what my ancestors endured. My ancestors were beaten and killed day in and day out for being black. Racism is wrong, Hatred is wrong!!  I believe that Martin Luther King Jr., was predestined by God, meaning once his work on earth was done he was called home. 

Parents teach your children about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, his Holiday shouldn’t be taken for granted or viewed as a free day because he  lost his life for our freedom. LOVE not HATE those that treat you wrong.  This was such an emotional visit for me but I am glad that I got to share it with my family. 

Martin Luther King said “I have a dream that one day little black boys and girls will be holding hands with little white boys and girls.” We still have a ways to go but his dream is coming to fruition. 

My Natural Hair Journey

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I am happy to say that I have a written my first book titled “My Natural Hair Journey.” I wanted to share the stages that I went through as a natural and hopefully it will inspire those who feel like giving up and returning back to the creamy crack to keep pressing. Being natural is not easy but it’s definitely worth it. Below is an excerpt from my book. 

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My Natural Hair Journey

Natural Hair Talk

I am not trying to keep up with the Fro’ses and hopefully they area not to keep up with me. I was in the hair salon getting a trim the other day and I overheard the ladies in the salon talking about everyone. I can only imagine what they say about me when I’m not around.

They started to talk about Mrs. Afro Puff and how she went out and bought a new conditioner for her hair. They said she was trying to be like her sister Mrs. Product Junkie, they said she is always buying and buying but can’t keep her lights on. I sat there with my mouth wide open  thinking to myself  I’m happy for her but I’m not trying to spend that type of money on products and get my lights turned off! New products are good but I’ll stick with my coconut oil my budget loves this stuff.

They then got on the topic of a steam cap, and said Mrs. 3b went out and got one and it cost her a arm and a leg. I still sat their thinking what is a steam cap and are they that expensive? I wasn’t made at her but happy, but in all honesty less heat makes your hair more healthier.Still trying to figure out why they were so worried with her purchase, maybe the stylist felt the steam cap would knock her funds.

They were just going on and on and then they started talking about Mrs. Twa and how she is wearing a wig because her husband doesn’t like her teeny weeny afro. They said she went behind his back and got it done. I sat their thinking to myself she may need to see a Natural Hair Counselor to workout the kinks in their relationship. Wow these people know everyone’s business I kept thinking to myself.

The most shocking conversation they held was when they said was that Mrs. 4c is thinking about getting back in her relationship with Mr. Creamy Crack. I sat their thinking if he burned you before he will burn you again. I was just shaking my head  but it wasn’t my business to speak on it to them.

You will always get the 411 in hair salons they talk about everybody’s business but their own while trying to keep up with the Fro’ses themselves. I am not trying to be like Mrs. Twa, Mrs. Afro Puff, Mrs. 4c, or Mrs. 3b. I give them props but truth be told we all have different hair textures that’s what makes us unique. I am to busy moisturizing, trimming, and conditioning my own fro to be worried about theirs.

My Son’s Natural Hair

As a parent we should never try to force our lifestyle on our children. I have always believed we as parents should guide them in the right way, discipline them when their wrong, and listen to them when they speak.

My son was born with naturally curly hair and even though I have cut it off twice he told me that he wanted to grow out his hair and never get it cut again. I agreed and even though it was a struggle some times to pick through it I kept doing my job as his mommy to make sure his hair looked nice. 

It was surprising to me when he said he wanted to get his haircut I didn’t ask why he changed his mind I just called up his barber and scheduled an appointment.

I am very proud of my son, not because he got a haircut but because he is developing his own identity and not being afraid to be himself in a world that wants you to fit in instead of standing out. 

As my baby got in the chair he said “mommy there is no looking back.” I couldn’t believe I had tears in my eyes I was so full of emotion that my baby was growing up on me.


My Hair is Falling Out

Saturday was supposed to be a relaxing day for me until I got that dreaded  phone call from my mom saying “Brina come quick, my hair is falling out!” I almost choked on my chips and tripped over my feet as I ran to my moms house which is right next door, but it felt like an eternity to get there. 

When I finally stepped inside my mom’s house she was in the bathroom her head was covered in black hair dye and she had patches of her hair in the sink. I had to think quickly I was so nervous my knees were buckling. My mom was crying and I couldn’t make out any words she was saying. Finally I had to take control of the situation and I yelled out “mom calm down, what did you do to your hair?” Between crying and muttering out the words she said “I, I, permed my hair then dyed it and my hair started falling out!” I was dumbfounded by what she  said so I asked her to repeat that sentence again. My mom then said very softly still crying non-stop “I, I, permed my hair then dyed it and my hair started to fall out!” I burst out laughing uncontrollably!! I know bad daughter, but my mom is a former hairdresser and knows better. 

I quickly rinsed out the remaining dye and quickly dashed to the kitchen to get a raw egg from the fridge, believe it or not the protein in the egg is good for breakage. The egg magically did the trick; well two eggs that is. I truly think this was a lesson learned for my mom. She will never ever perm her hair and dye it again! She is now wearing wigs for a month or two until her hair grows back and counting her lucky stars that she’s not completely bald. Just say she is now team natural, I’m not happy that this happened but I’m happy she’s now transitioning to become a natural.