Teeny Weeny Afro

She is rocking a Teeny Weeny Afro feeling herself as she enters the room wearing a floral dress and pink pumps that accentuate her black beauty; they call her FIERCE and they should because she is beautiful, confident, and smart. 

Tight coily  curls hug her scalp as oil glistens from her coils; everyone in the room is in awe because they have never seen such a beautiful black queen before. 

As she exits the room she sees their stares and she smiles, she is comfortable in her own skin and it shows; black, beautiful, confident, and smart accessorizied with a Teeny Weeny Afro. 


Nappy Fro

Did she just call my fro nappy? Wow I’m shocked that a black sista would stoop so low to criticize a texture that she was born with and is probably covering up with a weave or has been altered with a perm. She said “I wouldn’t be caught dead with a fro, especially a nappy fro like hers!” I stood silent still trying to take it all in then I walked away. 

I was not going to lower my standards by responding to her ignorance . I’ve learned that every action doesn’t deserve a reaction so I walked away with my head held high and my Afro puffed out proud to be rocking a, as she called it “NAPPY FRO!”

Hair Grease

We all grew up on hair grease, well I know I did. You couldn’t get your hair straightened without grease getting applied to your edges, nape area, (kitchen) scalp, and throughout your entire head of hair. By the time your momma, grandma, or hairdresser finished greasing your head you looked like you had been kissed by the sun because your head was so shiny. My mom’s choice of hair grease back then was Bergamot. It didn’t smell bad and it actually was light on your head but it made my head itch like crazy. My mom said it itched because my hair was growing. 

I didn’t mind the Bergamot it was when she switched to Sulfur 8 that I began to cringe. Every time I got my hair washed and pressed the smell of Sulfur 8 fried a couple of my brain cells, the smell was awful! 

The grease actually made my hair thick and it grew tremendously, but it was very smelly and it lingered on you. Black people would ask “girl did your momma put Sulfur 8 on your hair because you smell like it, and white people would ask “are you wearing a new perfume because you smell like it?” When I played basketball in high school my mom would put Sulfur 8 on my hair before a game, and honey my head was shiner than the court. I was embarrassed to wipe my sweat on the towel because I knew what the mixture looked like. Nowadays I see more and more people getting away from the use of hair grease they use oils or hairsprays now. There are still some old school beauticians that still use Bergamot or Sulfur 8, they are not with these new school beautician ways. 

It’s hard to imagine a hairstylist without hair grease that would be a comparison to Burger King not carrying the Whopper ( okay I went to far with that one 😂😂. I keep a jar of hair food in my product supply to lightly apply to my scalp once a week.

I don’t think I will resort back to the Sulfur 8 or Bergamot but I can say these two brands have spruced up their packaging to appeal to the new schoolers in this competitive world of natural hair, grease is definitely making a comeback!

He Loves the Afro 

My husband has been my biggest natural hair supporter! He has loved my WASH AND GO’S, TWA’S, BRAIDS, TWISTS, BANTU KNOTS, etc. No matter the style worn in my hair he has supported me!! Recently I was weary about my Afro with its shape, length, texture, and thickness; my husband stepped in and said “it’s all in your head your Afro looks beautiful on you and I love it.” As a natural, sometimes you feel like you just want to throw in the towel because your hair is not looking like you think it should look or growing how you think it should grow. It may not look like it in your eyes because you see it everyday but others see different. Get you a support team and hold on to them. I am so  thankful to my husband for being my biggest motivator and loving my kinks! 

Afro colored with Eyeshadow 

So by the title you have guessed what this short blog will be about 😬. Well I decided a couple of weeks ago I wanted to spruce up my Afro with color but nothing permanent. 

After researching I decided to use eyeshadow to color my hair, nothing permanent and easily washes out 👌🏾.

Got my goodies from CVS and you know the rest was history! I am so happy with the look and can’t wait for you to check it out and let me know what you think. 

Please click on the link and check out my latest video…..

Afro colored with eyeshadow