Twitter and Tweets

Browsing on Twitter and I get a notification that a celebrity I have just started to follow received over 1k likes on a tweet… the tweet to me is not worthy of one thousand likes and then I start to question why I’m even following this person. They seem a little bit out there… in space I mean. Then I come to the realization that I’ve been bit by “celeb tweet mania.” This type of mania occurs when you can’t get enough of your favorite character on television so you follow them on Twitter thinking they will bring that character home… LOL!!!

If you truly think about social media everything is transforming Twitter has become the new Facebook, and Instagram has become the new Pinterest.

I have since deleted that person, I’ll live with the character on television because their personal life is painting a picture I rather not see.


Loved Ones

If I could see my loved ones one more time.

If I could hold them one more time.

If I could tell them I love them one more time.

If I could…..

Today has been an emotional roller coaster reminiscing, I miss my loved ones. Who said time heals all wounds… the wounds may close but the scars are still there.

Their walk, their talk, replaying in your head daily… some memories make you smile while others make you cry.

If I knew they would have left me so soon I would have cherished our time together and told them how much I loved them.

Snapping pictures, making memories, and valuing every second. I will never forget you, I promise… I will never forget you!!


Ungrateful people rub me the wrong way with their antics ( foolish behavior). They are blessed and don’t appreciate what they have. Some people struggle day in and day out, just barely making enough to pay their bills, but they are more thankful than the ones who have the high paying jobs and nice homes. Looking down on the poor thinking that will never be them, think again.

You are blessed to have the things you have and it’s only right to be appreciative. I have seen people who barely have give their last and people who have more than enough won’t give a dime.

Okay I’m getting off track with this blog but you get the point, BE APPRECIATIVE!!

For those that are going through financial hardships stay strong God has not forgotten you!! You may be struggling, but the wait will soon be over. Keep thanking God for what you have and even when he blesses you continue to be a blessing to someone else.

Click on the link below for this uplifting song that keeps me encouraged.


Heaven is not segregated there won’t be segregation in God’s kingdom based on race. Racism doesn’t exist in heaven, how can you hate someone based on the color of their skin and think God is going to welcome you into his kingdom with open arms. Racism is prevalent among some Christians, they love God whom they’ve never seen but hate those that they see everyday. Why worship God in vain? Without love no one can make it into God’s kingdom. If God didn’t want different races to be amongst us he wouldn’t have created Afro- Americans , Caucasians or Hispanics. The only thing God will separate is good and evil. Somethings you just think about and this is one of those topics…. segregation in heaven… there will be no segregation in heaven.

John 13:34 King James Version (KJV)

34 A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.


Recently a church across the street caught on fire and speculation began to float around the community of how it happened. First they said kids playing with matches, then they said drug addicts getting high. The cause will probably never be known, but one thing I know for sure is that the building is no longer suitable to be a place of worship.

The day after the incident I went across the street and looked at the church. The building was a total loss, how could anyone ever worship within those walls again? As I thought on those things the Lord spoke to my spirit and said “you are the church, you worship inward and that flows outward.” The Lord reminded me that he is not coming back for the building but the spirit that dwells within us that has accepted him as Lord and Savior.

Then I asked the Lord about Hebrews 12:23 and assembling together; I don’t mind assembling I just don’t want to get so caught up in earthly buildings and neglect the building that is holding my soul. Nowadays people are bringing Satan in the church with the ways of the world.

Then he continued with this reminder, it’s time to become a church that holds standards. As Paul witnessed this earthly body will suffer but my salvation comes from the Holy Spirit that dwells within . Stop focusing on the things going on around you and focus on me and my word. God continued, I’m coming back for a church without a spot or wrinkle, you must be ready when I return.

Faith over Fear

It was my wedding anniversary and I had heard from all of my children except one. It was not like my daughter to not call and I could feel an uneasy feeling in my gut. Just as those thoughts vanished I got a text that read “ma I love you.” A red flag went off so I called and the voice on the other end was terrifying. “Ma I am sick, but please don’t come get me until after my semester exams.” After a brief conversation I sat there still uneasy so I called back, but this time through FaceTime. What I saw would startle any parent, my daughter eyes were sunken in with dark circles, she had bags of vomit in her bed and she couldn’t move. At that moment I raced into action calling my friend to take that ride that seemed forever. At the time my daughter was attending school in Miami which was a two hour drive but seemed like the longest ride of my life. When I got there we rushed up to her room I didn’t know what to expect, all kind of thoughts raced through my head….we knocked and knocked then eventually the door cracked open, standing their being propped up by an umbrella was my baby girl.

I thought it was a virus, she had Nyquil on her bed and was telling me symptoms that sounded like the flu. As a mother I went into nurse mode, I would make her soup, give her meds she would be back to her old self in no time. She was finally resting and then morning came, when my daughter entered the room she was drenched in sweat, the look in her eyes told me she was scared I immediately called 911 which was the beginning of our faith over fear. Our local hospital thought it was her appendix, then they said it could be her gallbladder but after an X-ray it was determined to be a kidney stone so huge she would have to be transferred to another hospital. It wouldn’t pass it was lodged. The doctors decided they would do a procedure to drain urine from her kidneys and put in a nephrostomy tube and at that moment my daughter got sepsis, a life threatening complication from an infection. This infection had spread through my daughters body and she was immediately put in ICU after the nurse had called a code twice. Once the code was called fifteen medical professionals rushed in…. they plugged my daughter to all types of machines and gave me the look of despair.

I was angry and hurt that my daughter was going through this, she was only 19 years old!! I prayed and cried….cried and prayed. I sought the Lord and asked him to give me faith over fear. All the doctors said she wouldn’t make it and if she did she would not be the same healthy girl she was before. While in ICU she developed pneumonia, her organs began to shut down they had given up on her, and put her on a breathing machine…miraculously she released on April 29, 2017. We thought the nightmare was over but she still had to get surgery to remove the stone but when they went in to take it out she developed sepsis again.

This was not happening; had God forgotten about us and then I asked God to please increase my faith over the fear of losing my child and he did. He reminded me that he gave me this child and before she became mine she was his, he reminded me that all sickness is not unto death, he reminded me that my help comes from him not only when things are going good but during the bad as well. After being in three hospitals during a 5 month span my daughter was able to walk out of those hospitals. This little girl had to regain strength to walk again, she had a tube in her back and had to walk around with a nephrology bag, she had to get her lungs drained, she had pneumonia, countless fevers…. It has been a year since this ordeal and she is now closer to home attending another university. She is healthy, happy, and healed!! I am so thankful to God for showing me that even during the midst of trials he never left us.

My daughters tattoo ….

9 years

I remember praying for a husband, I was very specific in my prayer request of what type of husband I wanted God to send me. Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, and months turned into years. I was a single mother with two girls and had given up on settling down. I remember praying asking how long… his response love me more, seek me more, and he would give me the desires of my heart.

Staying in a small town I thought this was impossible. Then it happened, in 2008 I met my husband because of a nail in my tire. I tell the story often because I had made up my mind that I would never meet someone. I felt like Sarah when the angel of the Lord told her she would have a child in her old age and she laughed.

I was very impatient, I wanted God to answer my prayers right then but his timing was not mine. Lord knows I wasn’t ready. I could cook and take care of my home but I wasn’t mentally or spiritually ready to settle down.

When I first laid eyes on my husband I didn’t know he would be the one, but he said it on day one that I would be his wife. I laughed at him, I could recall saying “you don’t even know me!”

Fast forward to tomorrow and we will be celebrating our 9th Wedding Anniversary!! I had to share my story to let someone who is seeking a husband or wife to keep trusting God and wait until he sends you the right one. Continue to seek the Lord as he prepares you for your spouse.

Let it Go!

Your life is not meant to be burdened down with someone else’s burdens. I just don’t understand how some people want to put their load on you when you’re carrying a load of your own. It’s not right, it’s not fair, and it’s inconsiderate.

Now you’re bogged down worrying about their situation stressing to the max wondering when God is going to lighten up your load. It is now unbearable and you want to throw in the towel not only for your problems but theirs as well.

The funny thing about this situation is the person who you are worrying about is not worried about anything. They are stress free, load free, and burdensome free. Why should worried when you took it upon yourself to handle their affairs.

You have to worry about yourself first and foremost. It’s okay to be concerned about a friend or family members situation but don’t make it your own.

I am learning when situations arise and I feel like jumping in, I fall on my knees and ask God to step in on my behalf!!

Prayer Request

When someone ask you to pray for them PRAY! You don’t need to know what’s going in their life before calling out their name before God. A prayer request is not a cue to start gossiping about that individual but a cue to intercede on their behalf.

When you are broken down by life and feel like giving up, you need a breakthrough.

Lord restore, Lord bless, Lord encourage, Lord provide, Lord heal, Lord comfort.

I don’t know what you’re praying for but I know God can do anything but fail.

I trust God to heal my body, I trust God to provide for me, I trust God to restore what I lost, I trust God to comfort me during my sorrow, I trust God to bless my going and coming, I trust GOD.

Before you go to sleep tonight…

pray for someone that has lost hope in God

pray for someone who needs a financial breakthrough

pray for someone who loss a loved one

pray for someone who is depressed

pray for someone who needs a job

Just pray….

Turn the other Cheek

How many of you have turned the other cheek when someone has wronged you? For some that can be a hard pill to swallow (metaphorically) but I have learned to refrain from retaliating against those who have insulted or attacked me.

Some are reading this and shaking their head, mumbling that they are not going to turn the other cheek but set it off. Please tell me what will setting it off do? You can’t control another’s actions but you can control your own.

Some people live to make others miserable, they pick and pick wanting you to lash out at them but you must be the better person.

“When they go low, we go high.”

– Michelle Obama

Turning the other cheek is not meaning to fight in the natural sense but spiritually it means to show love to those who continue to do you wrong.

Matthew 5:39 King James Version (KJV)

39 But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.