You have been downgrading for so long that you forgot an upgrade was possible. You are beautiful and he’s a fool if he thinks your only option is him. He’s told you that no one will ever want you and you believed his pathetic lies. There are still some good men out there; stop punishing them for his actions. Any man who loves you will not hurt you with his words, any man who loves you will not hurt you with his hands. It’s time for you to upgrade, It’s time for you to move on knowing that you are better off without the abuse and lies it’s time for that upgrade!


You prayed about it, but you’re still worried about it. You said you released it, but you’re still holding on to it. Trusting God requires more than saying you believe, but having the faith that he will do it. Whatever you are asking of God don’t think that he has forgot about it you just continue to pray, have faith and trust God’s timing.


If you were to serve them with the same attitude that they served you they wouldn’t want to sit at the dinner table with you. It amazes me that some people think they can treat you like slop, but they want to be treated like a 5 course dinner. It’s not the strangers that treat you this way but the people that you have known all your life. They think you don’t have feelings…. sometimes they get angry and lash out because they are dependent on you and when you don’t give in to their insecurities you are the villain.

If you were to serve up some of their attitudes topped with get your behind out of my face how would they digest that course???

Learning to not let me people get under my skin. I refuse serve up the same hatred they served me. When you know better do better, grow folks acting like children!!

Pray More Worry Less

Every day we have something to pray about, whether it’s your family, job, health or finances something keeps you on your knees asking for help from the man above.

We tend to worry more than pray, simply because the solution to our problems won’t disappear overnight. The impatient human beings that we are want the Lord to expedite our prayer request.

Serving him and he doesn’t answer, how dare he???

The problem with some folks is that they don’t believe in God wholeheartedly. They’re sending up prayers requests but not trusting him to answer.

Why ask if you will doubt??

It’s time to pray more and worry less believing that God can and he will work it out for you according to his TIMING not yours.

Philippians 4:6-7


I was born a black and unprivileged female. I wasn’t born with special privileges and my future wasn’t laid out for me before I was born; no prestigious college or a future billionaire for a husband waiting in the wings. I struggled as a youth to understand why my life was so hard, why was racism so prevalent in the society I lived in and why was I hated for the color of my skin. So many questions that I didn’t have the answer for….Why were there different shades of people? Why did people use the “N” word to describe my race? I wished to understand the underlying hate that people had in their hearts, I wished it would all go away!! That understanding only came when I was in the 5th grade and my teacher came to me and said “you’re a beautiful little girl.” I would never forget what I said to her, I said “I’m black!!” The look on my teachers face is one that I will never forget! She looked as though she wanted to cry and then she replied “the color of your skin doesn’t make you ugly and you shouldn’t feel any less pretty because you’re black.” From that day forth I began to love me and value my self worth…


I’m a hustler wasn’t born one, but learned to be one. I am finding out that a 9-5 will only cover your life not your dreams. Started to write books, began selling books, and now I’m starting to expand my business by selling them through Amazon. Everyone won’t support your dream or vision, but is quick to shoot down your dreams by saying you shouldn’t dream big because you will never make it. If you are supporting me, thank you! If you aren’t supporting me, thank you!! PayPal link and Amazon link are up and running… Can’t stop, won’t stop!!



Dreamer vs. Doer

How many of you know that dreams don’t come true unless you activate your gift? We all dream of becoming someone that others tell us that we can’t be. I remember growing up I wanted to be an author and my English told me to be realistic. For years I hated that man and then one day I said to myself I must birth my gift to the world. At that moment I no longer wanted to be a dreamer but a doer. If you’re still dreaming it’s time to wake up and put your gift to work for you.

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