He was always her favorite, he could never do no wrong. Even now she still holds on to his hand leading him around as though he was still a little boy. I wonder how the rest of them feel knowing that she doesn’t love them like she loves him. Does one person truly deserve all that love? Shouldn’t you love them all the same? Her love is bias, she is bias… they despise her love because it’s not genuine; hateful to the core, rotten like an apple some metaphor! 

He was always her favorite and still is after all these years. The others know and they try to buy her love, but money can’t buy love. Give it up already, it’s not worth it. When she looks at y’all , she sees him, her sweet little baby boy who is now a grown man. Maybe you were mistakes in her eyes until she found her true love, sad but true that she has a favorite. 


Yes to Love

So he pops the question and you say YESSSSSSSSS without hesitation. You can’t wait to tell your parents so they can share the excitement with you, but to your surprise they are not happy. After months of pretending to like your boyfriend they really despise him and think he’s a no good loser. You are hurt, and your heart is torn into pieces. Elope, yes that’s the plan!!!!!!! Who are they to stand in the way of true love???????? Parents just don’t understand. You lock yourself up in your room pouting thinking life is cruel and then you hear a knock on the door it’s your parents. They still don’t like him but if he makes you happy they will put their feelings aside. After a year of planning the day is finally here, you have the perfect venue, the most beautiful dress  and you’re surrounded by your family and friends. You say I do; you’re happy, you have taken his last name and become his wife. Life is perfect…. a year later you have twins, he has the perfect job, you’re a stay at home mom. Then it happens, you catch him with another woman, he says it’s a friend…. you ponder his answer but he looks at her the way he use to look at you. Your parents were right, two babies later you are packing up your belongings headed back to a place you swore you would never come back to, if you had only listened to them.


If you aren’t helping me you’re hurting me.

If you aren’t supporting me you’re hindering me.

If you aren’t for me you’re against me.

If you aren’t talking to me you’re talking about me.

Don’t need a could’ve, would’ve, should’ve in my life.

People want to see you succeed as long as you don’t pass them. 

Phonies are defined as fake individuals who pretend they want the best for you but they really don’t. 

If you have phonies, fakes, insincere, or deceitful people in your life weed them out until they are all gone.

Faith over Fear

I haven’t sold a lot of books, been discouraged along the way, but my faith never wavered because being an author is my destiny! Learning to never give up on my dreams even when others don’t support me because everyone can’t see my vision. 

You will find out who is truly there for you when you start to grow, it should be something inside of you that wants better, something inside of you that  won’t to settle, a drive, a push….

For me I am pushing with all my might to be successful and success doesn’t come easy, but if you are determined you can make it!! Learning to keep pushing because at the end of that long bumpy road there is a reward.

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Some relationships aren’t worth the long haul, you think it will be better having someone in your life and then it’s worse. Growing up I heard the saying “you can do bad all by yourself.” If you’re single and only want to be in relationship based on what other couples  display stay single. Some people aren’t really happy it’s just a facade, the grass is truly not greener on the other side, they are sprouting weeds and bushes.  Your priority before any relationship is you! You should never be unhappy in a relationship and once you become that way it’s time to get out. I’m no expert on relationships but I have been in some that have made me question my worth and that was enough for me to leave and not look back; arguments, drama, and unapologetic lies. Once you find your worth you will realize that there’s someone out there that can and will treat you better.. What can someone offer you that belittles you instead of loving you?? Don’t stay for what they can give you because  you can work hard to get it on  your own. Your heart should never ache over someone who supposedly loves you but treats you badly. Love is meant to be reciprocal. 


What is breakfast to you? Breakfast to me is when you sit around talking with family enjoying a delicious meal that was prepared from the heart.  You seldom see commercials that embrace this, commercials today show everyone on the go with a breakfast bar or a bowl of cereal, do people even cook breakfast anymore?? I woke up this morning excited about preparing  grits, sausage, eggs, bacon, pancakes and cinnamon rolls for my family. Why so much? Growing up I didn’t have a lot so I never want my children to experience that feeling at all. I pray blessings upon you and yours that if you’re not coming together for breakfast that you come together for lunch or dinner, family time is so important. 

Big Bad Wolf

They want to voice their opinion but don’t want anyone to know who they are. Mysterious yet intriguing, one who hides their identity from social media websites but always have so much to say. Commenting on everything that is public, sometimes being very rude, but when you go to their profile to see the face behind the comment you find a flower or a quote where their picture should be.  I get it, the world we live in makes one want to hide their identity, but this shouldn’t be an option for cowards who sit behind a computer screen and type words that they wouldn’t normally say to anyone’s face. I’ve labeled these people the “big bad wolf” huffing and puffing blowing nothing down.  They see you and run the other way, you don’t know who they are but they know you. Once you block them they catfish, meaning they assume another identity with a different flower and quote because your posts are obviously worth following.