Protective Styles

If you’re rocking a TWA (teeny weeny afro) you really don’t need a protective style, no need to buy a $30.00 wig let your hair breathe. 

When I rocked my TWA, I was the wash and go queen. I remember my hairdresser calling inquiring why I hadn’t been to see her and I politely said “I did the big chop.” 

She seemed genuinely sad but I think she was sad about that money disappearing 💸. As my hair grew I began to wear protective styles. 

I wore protective styles because the less you do to your hair TO ME it grows. I would co-wash my hair on Sunday and wear a protective style the whole week. 

I love sitting on my living room floor and twisting my hair. My hair has come along way since my TWA stage and I’m so proud of the growth and health of my hair. 

My advice to Naturals out there is to embrace your natural hair but also protect your hair by wearing a protective style. I also apply hair food to my scalp when I wear a protective styles to keep my scalp from drying out, but you can use oils as a substitute for grease. 

Hopefully you enjoyed this blog ❤️. 


50 Subscribers!

I am so excited I can hardly type! I am happy to announce that I have 50 subscribers on my YouTube channel. 

May not seem much to some but I started this channel with no inclination of getting one subscriber. 

I am just overwhelmed with joy and I just want to say thanks for your support.

My Co-Wash Routine 

I am always having random people ask me about my co-wash routine. 

A co-wash for new naturals in when you only use a conditioner to clean your hair.

Be mindful that a co-wash don’t lather like a shampoo because conditioners don’t make suds. 

Most naturals don’t use shampoo because it strips your hair.

I preferably shampoo my hair maybe twice a month depending on product buildup. 

In my latest YouTube video I show you my co-wash routine. 

Please click on the link below to view my co-wash routine. 

Co-Wash Routine

Christmas Tree

I’ve been thinking, seriously thinking of what type of Christmas tree my family will have this year. 

Do we want real or do we want fake? Do we want tall or do we want short? What will be our theme? 

So much thought goes into tree decorating and sometimes it becomes stressful and not fun.

We’re not the traditional family so this year we decided to go with a fake tree, somewhat tall and our theme this year will be my favorite candy.

Yes I said candy! 

My husband and children convinced me to make the tree a “mint tree” since I love peppermints so much. Before I could start on the main tree I helped my son with his tree. 

My son wanted his own tree and he stressed the fact that he wanted a candy tree, because he loves Willie Wonka and that was his theme; so I bought him his very own tree and pulled out leftover Halloween candy and we decorated it together.

I topped his tree with a candy cane and put cake sprinkles and other small candies in clear balls while he hung twizzlers, sour patches , and his other favorite treats around the tree. He loved the way his tree turned out.

After finishing his tree it was time to work on the “Peppermint Tree.” As my daughter hung the candy canes, my husband sat on the couch telling us to move this, move that, and I worked on the tree topper.

I love all type of mints so I decided to make the tree topper a giant mint ball. My glue gun is my bestie. 

After two and a half bag of mints, the topper was done. I wrapped it in Saran Wrap to make it look like a store bought candy. 

I love our tree and yes it’s different but my family loves it and that is all that matters. Please feel free to leave your comment on what you think. 

Have a Merry Christmas bloggers and remember to have fun decorating your tree my family definitely did! Also if you have children let them be involved in decorating the tree or get them a small one as their very own. 

Natural Hair Talk

I am not trying to keep up with the Fro’ses and hopefully they area not to keep up with me. I was in the hair salon getting a trim the other day and I overheard the ladies in the salon talking about everyone. I can only imagine what they say about me when I’m not around.

They started to talk about Mrs. Afro Puff and how she went out and bought a new conditioner for her hair. They said she was trying to be like her sister Mrs. Product Junkie, they said she is always buying and buying but can’t keep her lights on. I sat there with my mouth wide open  thinking to myself  I’m happy for her but I’m not trying to spend that type of money on products and get my lights turned off! New products are good but I’ll stick with my coconut oil my budget loves this stuff.

They then got on the topic of a steam cap, and said Mrs. 3b went out and got one and it cost her a arm and a leg. I still sat their thinking what is a steam cap and are they that expensive? I wasn’t made at her but happy, but in all honesty less heat makes your hair more healthier.Still trying to figure out why they were so worried with her purchase, maybe the stylist felt the steam cap would knock her funds.

They were just going on and on and then they started talking about Mrs. Twa and how she is wearing a wig because her husband doesn’t like her teeny weeny afro. They said she went behind his back and got it done. I sat their thinking to myself she may need to see a Natural Hair Counselor to workout the kinks in their relationship. Wow these people know everyone’s business I kept thinking to myself.

The most shocking conversation they held was when they said was that Mrs. 4c is thinking about getting back in her relationship with Mr. Creamy Crack. I sat their thinking if he burned you before he will burn you again. I was just shaking my head  but it wasn’t my business to speak on it to them.

You will always get the 411 in hair salons they talk about everybody’s business but their own while trying to keep up with the Fro’ses themselves. I am not trying to be like Mrs. Twa, Mrs. Afro Puff, Mrs. 4c, or Mrs. 3b. I give them props but truth be told we all have different hair textures that’s what makes us unique. I am to busy moisturizing, trimming, and conditioning my own fro to be worried about theirs.

Collard Greens

Sitting here thinking about Thanksgiving and reminiscing about my mom’s collard greens. The love that my mom put into her food showed because empty plates and pots didn’t lie and your stomach smiled on how good it was. 

Cooking in a black home is serious if you can’t cook you are not allowed in the kitchen and holidays is not the time for amateurs. Holidays are when your relatives come from miles around to eat and be merry so if you burn the turkey, ham, greens, or sweet potato pies, you are banned forever!!

My mom was never one to share her recipes or give you a cooking lesson because to her it was a secret that she only passed on when you got a family; so I was honored when she showed me how to cut up collard greens and cook them. 

I was scared as heck but my mom spoke calmly and walked me through each step. It was finally my turn to cut up my first bunch of greens. As I carefully took off the leaves and discarded the stems I finely cut them up. I could see the smile on my mom’s face. My heart was all warm inside because I knew she was proud.

“Wash them” she said in a low voice “you want to remove all the dirt and grit don’t be scared of your food” As I washed them and transferred them to a pot she nudged me to start simmering my neck bones to add to the greens later. 

When my greens finally finished cooking my mom grabbed a fork and slowly picked up a few collards to taste. My heart was beating and I had sweat forming in places I didn’t know could sweat, LOL! It seems like she chewed for hours even though she didn’t. 

As my mom looked up at me she smiled she said “you did great, they are not as good as mine but the more you cook them you will get there.” I yelled liked I had lost my mind “YES I can cook collard greens for Thanksgiving!” My mom looked at me smiling and said “not this year baby you still an amateur!!!!”


Have you ever wished for a different life?

Have you ever questioned your existence?

Have you?

Have you ever felt like a failure?

Have you ever given up? 

Have you?

Have you ever failed God?

Have you ever been weak in your faith?

Have you?

I have wished for a different life.

I have questioned my existence.

I have felt like a failure.

I have given up.

I have failed God.

I have been weak in my faith. 

I am human are you? 

My Son’s Natural Hair

As a parent we should never try to force our lifestyle on our children. I have always believed we as parents should guide them in the right way, discipline them when their wrong, and listen to them when they speak.

My son was born with naturally curly hair and even though I have cut it off twice he told me that he wanted to grow out his hair and never get it cut again. I agreed and even though it was a struggle some times to pick through it I kept doing my job as his mommy to make sure his hair looked nice. 

It was surprising to me when he said he wanted to get his haircut I didn’t ask why he changed his mind I just called up his barber and scheduled an appointment.

I am very proud of my son, not because he got a haircut but because he is developing his own identity and not being afraid to be himself in a world that wants you to fit in instead of standing out. 

As my baby got in the chair he said “mommy there is no looking back.” I couldn’t believe I had tears in my eyes I was so full of emotion that my baby was growing up on me.

Dancing in the Rain 

The saying “life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s learning to dance in the rain” rings very true. 

In the last couple of months my faith has been tested, I wanted to give up and almost gave up but I held on.

I have had friends turn their backs on me, family disappear in time of need, but people I thought were the enemy came to the rescue. 

I couldn’t wait for the storm to pass but I learned not to focus on the lightning or thunder but the calming rain.

Sometimes we lose focus during the difficult times in our life but if we focus on the good we will get through it by learning to dance in the rain. 

I Must Not Let It Affect Me

I just want to get away, get away from everyone that is stressing me out with their their health issues, their financial woes, and their relationship problems. How did I become  their doctor, their financial planner, or their marriage counselor? 

I am learning more and more each day that people will put all their life discrepancies on you if you allow them. You’re walking around worried about what the doctor told them, do they have enough money in the bank to pay their bills, or will their marriage outlast the latest blowup they had the night before. 

Key words in all of this  hoopla is they, them, their, not one time was it mine. If you are one that let other people problems affect you then you need to let it go. Their problems weren’t ours to begin with. 

Don’t let their health affect your health, don’t let their bank account affect your bank account, don’t let their relationship affect your relationship. 

Any true friend or family member wouldn’t put you in any situation where it becomes your situation, learn to not let anything concerning others affect you. I am a witness I have struggled with trying to help others and then becoming affected, but I now drive up to the window of life carefully and if it doesn’t concern me I reverse out of it.