Hair Goals 

Let’s get acquainted by doing a Q&A! I know when I first went natural I was unsure of the goal I had for my hair. When I did the big chop in 2013 I just wanted to be free and liberated. As time went on I had to decide did I want to grow my hair out or keep it short and if I did grow it out would I wear twists,  braids, or wash and go’s. Some people think once you go natural that the journey is a piece of cake, but I am here to tell you that this natural hair journey has been the most difficult and enjoyable journey I have ever experienced. Difficult because I got tired of not knowing what to do with my hair once it began to grow out, finding products that worked best for my hair and staying away from the clippers. I have did the big chop three times because I became so impatient with my hair so once I decided  to grow it out staying out of the barbershop chair was definitely a challenge. I also have enjoyed this journey once I discovered all that I could do to my hair and still be free from the creamy crack. My journey inspired me to share my experiences with others by creating my own YouTube channel. My hair goal grew as my hair  did. I wanted healthy, manageable hair and that goal has not changed, I have just added length to the list. Please leave a comment about your natural hair goal!! 


Black Hair Matters

I recently read an article that shocked and angered me to the core. The article was about a school in Johannesburg called Pretoria High School for Girls. The article went on to say that girls in this school were being punished for having what some called  “exotic and unkept hair.” Out of all the places in the world I couldnt believe that this type of foolery was happening in Johannesburg. Apartheid has ended and people are still acting like slavery exist. Who are you to control how someone hair is kept?  You can’t make me where my hair straight and I don’t understand why some black women feel the need to straighten their hair or their children’s hair based on society views. We as a culture need to stop trying to fit in when we were born to stand out. I love my fro, my twists, my braids, my kinks, and my naps. If you didn’t know please brace yourself because “Black Hair Matters” queens raise your daughters to love themselves and embrace their God given beauty. I applaud the girls at Pretoria High for standing up and not only being seeing but heard!!!

Vlogging in Clewiston FL

So I just came from vlogging and when I tell you Walmart and Walgreens are stepping up their natural hair game; these companies mean business. Natural hair care is not a win, win for beauty supply stores anymore they better watch out because grocery stores and drug stores are bringing the heat!! I was totally shocked to see what products these stores were carrying.  Please click on the link and follow along with me as I check out two major companies who want in on the natural hair dividends. 

Vlogging in Clewiston FL

Hair Vitamins 

So a couple of months ago I was approached by another natural inquiring about my hair. During our conversation she wanted to know was I using vitamins. I told her I tried it once but didn’t see a difference in my hair so I stopped. She began to tell me how her hair grew using Mane Choice and that she could see the difference in her hair within a month. I thought to myself there is no way that a vitamin can do this in a month. I was not about to buy into this foolery; companies were just racking up  bucks in the natural hair world selling this and that promising growth, thickness, and manageability. What would they be selling next? She must have read the “yeah right” expression on my face because she challenged me to try the vitamin and do a YouTube review on the product. The chick knows I love doing reviews so I took her up on this offer and tried it; call me a guinea pig if you like, but it’s within me to try different products and experiment. I wouldn’t be a risk taker if I didn’t. If I don’t try it on myself how can I tell my experience truthfully. I not only tried the Mane Choice but I compared it to another vitamin as well. The results will surprise you because they surprised me.  YouTube review is coming soon, I mean real soon I  can’t wait to share my results with everyone.

Why keep it to Yourself 

My fro, her fro, his fro, their fro, is simply amazing. All naturals should stand up and support one another, there’s no room for jealously in the natural hair world. I remember asking another natural what product did they use on their hair to make it become so thick and the individual told me they couldn’t recall. Stop lieing, you know exactly what you used on your hair but you are holding on to it like its a top secret. The problem with woman of color is “some” don’t like to tell what they use on their hair, where they buy their outfits, and the lists goes on. As a black woman that cycle must be broken because we can’t help each other by keeping everything top secret. I don’t have a problem with sharing the products I use; feel free to go to my YouTube page and check out what my favorite products are. I don’t know why people panties are in a wad if they just wanted you to have it, they would have just made one product instead of millions.


This post is for my brothers and sisters who have decided to let go of the perms, jheri curls, and texturizes. I know that decision was not easy, but your hair is thanking you for the freedom. You now have the freedom to be you and not what society thinks you should be, you now have the freedom to walk out in the rain and not worry about ruining your perm, you now have the freedom to go swimming and not wear a swimming cap, you now have the freedom to save $60.00 dollars on a hairstyle that will only last a week, you now have the freedom to sleep comfortable and not be propped up causing a crooked neck, you now have the freedom to ditch the shower caps because your hair loves water, you now have the freedom to grow healthy edges without getting chemical burns, you now have the freedom to throw out the activator that drips continually and messes up all your shirts.  Use your freedom wisely kick the creamy crack and jheri curl activator to the curve.