I’m in Love 

The love I have for Coconut Oil is undeniable, there you have it the secret is out. If someone would have told me five years ago that this would be my go to product I would have laughed in their face but the laugh is on me because I can’t believe I went this long without it. My hair thanks me everyday with its shine and manageability. I love this product so much that I did a YouTube video about it. If you’re interested in it’s many uses please check out my channel YouTube.com/svgonzalez85. You’re probably wondering where I get this product from well the answer to that question is “Wally World” but to you it’s Walmart. The price is reasonable and I only use unrefined. Please give the Coconut Oil a try you will become a lover of this product and you will not be disappointed with the results.

Product Junkie

Hi my name is Sabrina and I am a product junkie! Am I in recovery noooooo, do I have a problem yessssss. Am I seeking help, yes I am at the nearest retailer shopping for more products. What more can I say  I love natural hair products and I am not ashamed. I don’t sneak into the store with baseball caps on I strut proudly into the store and buy my products. Today out of curiosity I decided to google the word product junkie just to see how many other pj’s were out there and when the videos and images popped up my latest video was in the mix.  Couldn’t contain myself seeing my video pop up on Google, I felt like Nene Leakes when she says “I have arrived, and the spotlight is on me, honey!”

Some may ask what defines you as a product junkie well in my case I always think the next product I buy will outshine the one I already have. I also have numerous conditioners that I use as co-washes, a variety of oils and plenty of styling products such as custards, gels, and creams, but I need more. I  stand together with other product junkies to say there is nothing wrong with buying products because my local Sally’s know me by name but please, please, please,  pay your bills first! 

Natural Hair Memes

That moment when you browse on the internet and see natural hair memes. Some make you laugh and some make you angry. I don’t know why natural hair has become so popular for memes but it has. The other day I stumbled across this Eddie Murphy meme and I laughed uncontrollably because when my hair was in its twa stage I definitely rocked the side flower! Wow I thought to myself someone is undercover in the natural hair world because they are studying us and hitting the nail on the head. 

 Then I come across memes such as this Buckwheat one that just strike a nerve. Growing up I would always hear people talking about Buckwheat from “The Little Rascals” and how they thought his hair was nappy and that just did something to me. This little boy was somebody’s child and just because his hair texture was different and his skin color was a darker shade he shouldn’t have been ostracized. What defines a persons hair as nappy? Is it because it’s not straight or because you can’t get your hair like theirs? These are the type of memes that I get angry about.

As a natural we all know the struggle is real and we can laugh at ourselves when we see those memes that are telling the truth but don’t laugh or repost memes that are degrading to get a laugh because that to me is uncalled for. Do your research before you laugh and know your history. 

My Better Half

My husband is my best friend and his support of my natural hair is one of the main reasons I have made it this far. When I first shaved off my hair and came home his eyes lit up, he embraced me and said “babe I love it!” I truly didn’t know what to expect because this was one of my spontaneous decisions. He has parted my hair, picked my hair, combed my hair, and taped my edges. I couldn’t ask for a better  husband, soulmate, and friend. They say teamwork makes a dream work and that is definitely true in my case. So many times I was tempted to delete my YouTube channel, my Instagram page, and never tweet again but I held on because he encouraged me to keep pushing forward. Thankful, grateful, and honored to say that’s my husband and we are in it to win it. #TeamNatural

Natural Hair YouTuber 

One morning I woke up and decided I wanted a YouTube channel. I didn’t have a camera, perfect lighting, or a great back drop.The only things I had to make this work was myself, my phone, and sheer determination. It’s only been a couple of months since I recorded my first video so I remember vividly how I began. As I sat nervous with my phone propped straight up on several books and a mirror I began to record my first video entitled “Organic Coconut Oil Review” I was going to tell the world how I loved this product and convince Naturals why they should try this. When I finished my 2:00 minute video I replayed what I had just recorded. Why was my video so small?  Why didn’t it expand? Why didn’t it fill up the whole screen? I was puzzled but I didn’t let that slow me down I posted it anyway and to my surprise I received 124 views, 29 comments, and 10 likes. I was on top of the world until I looked at other Youtubers  and saw that they had 2k followers, 800 views, 30 comments and 500 likes. I felt bummed I only had 10 subscribers at the time but  I didn’t let that stop me because I was doing something I truly loved so I kept making videos. After making many small screen videos I finally researched how to make full screen videos and invested in a great editing application. I am thankful for all the encouraging remarks on my channel particularly Santilla V,  she has definitely been a God send that has inspired me so much, one of her comments on my Natural Hair Journey video was “Great video and I can sense how much you love having natural hair.” I  love having natural hair and talking about natural hair. I am grateful for my followers because they are supporting my passion. This is only the beginning for this natural girl watch for the name she is going places. 


I am sure that every natural can relate when I say that “Shrinkage is Real.” To think my  Afro was just thick and full and after a 10 minute co-wash that fullness shrunk into a little poof ball and did not want to cooperate at all. Please raise your hand somebody because I know I’m not the only one that has experienced this. I think I went through a 10 month process of trying to find a product that would defeat “shrinkage” and I am glad to say I finally did. Without even searching  I came across Giovanni 50:50 Balanced Hydrating-Calming Conditioner in Whole Foods Market and decided to give it a try. People my hair fell in love with this product, honestly this conditioner saved me because I was seriously on the verge of doing the big chop again. After using this conditioner for the first time  I was able to comb and pick through my hair without my eyes popping out of my head, I found out that trouble don’t last always and good products do exist at a reasonable cost. During this natural hair journey “shrinkage” has whooped a sister bad, but I didn’t give up on my hair because the word defeat is not in my vocabulary. I gave my “shrinkage” a black eye with hydrating conditioners that helped my fro tremendously, these conditioners left my hair soft and manageable so much that I was able to pick and comb through my hair once it dried and  I wasn’t afraid of the “shrinkage” anymore. I conquered s-h-r-i-n-k-a-g-e  and you can too by finding the right conditioner or product that works for your hair.




Big Chop

Wow I can’t believe this is my very first blog where I get to tell you how I began my natural hair journey. I didn’t go natural because it was a fad but because I felt the need to be free. I wanted to strip down from societies image of straight hair and why they think it’s appropriate in the workplace and not my kinky natural hair. Have you ever noticed that in corporate America you don’t see a woman of color wearing an afro, twists, or braids? Why, what’s the problem with sporting the tresses you were born with. Don’t get me wrong I wore a perm for many years of my life but one day I felt the need to be free and my freedom started with shaving off my tresses.  I did the “Big Chop” in 2013. In the natural world the big chop is when you get all your hair cut off but in my case shaved off. I will never forget the look on my families face when I came home, they looked like they saw a ghost and that is impossible with my skin tone. I decided that day I would leave the creamy crack in my rear view mirror and I did. When the clippers finally came to a complete halt my black hair was covering the floor and I was transformed into a beautiful black queen.