I remember rocking extensions back in the day weave and glue were my best friends. I lost a lot of edges along the way and it took awhile for them to grow back but thanks to prayer and coconut oil my edges sprouted once again, LOL! I was in love with that 1b deep wave “8” inch hair that was the go to weave back then. 

Some may ask why didn’t I sew it in, well to be honest I knew nothing about sew-ins until my edges ran way, even then I wasn’t trying to pay that much money for a sew-in. Bonding glue was cheap but boy did it do damage to my hair.

 I remember when my best friend got married we both got twenty-seven pieces. I was loving the look but I was terrified of how I was going to get that glue out of my hair. I had already prepared myself for the pain because I knew it would hurt like heck. A friend told me that if I applied baby oil all over my head it would come out easily. I soaked my head in baby oil to the point it ran down my face, neck, and back; I refused to be in pain. After an hour of soaking the extensions they came out of my  hair easily, but the glue that was stuck to my hair not so easy; just say hello big chop. My first big chop was done in the 90’s before natural hair was a big thing or lining up was a big deal 😵😵.

I’m happy to say that I’m thankful for the transformation and that I will never ever ever ever use glue again!!!


He Loves the Afro 

My husband has been my biggest natural hair supporter! He has loved my WASH AND GO’S, TWA’S, BRAIDS, TWISTS, BANTU KNOTS, etc. No matter the style worn in my hair he has supported me!! Recently I was weary about my Afro with its shape, length, texture, and thickness; my husband stepped in and said “it’s all in your head your Afro looks beautiful on you and I love it.” As a natural, sometimes you feel like you just want to throw in the towel because your hair is not looking like you think it should look or growing how you think it should grow. It may not look like it in your eyes because you see it everyday but others see different. Get you a support team and hold on to them. I am so  thankful to my husband for being my biggest motivator and loving my kinks! 

Afro colored with Eyeshadow 

So by the title you have guessed what this short blog will be about 😬. Well I decided a couple of weeks ago I wanted to spruce up my Afro with color but nothing permanent. 

After researching I decided to use eyeshadow to color my hair, nothing permanent and easily washes out 👌🏾.

Got my goodies from CVS and you know the rest was history! I am so happy with the look and can’t wait for you to check it out and let me know what you think. 

Please click on the link and check out my latest video…..

Afro colored with eyeshadow


I am thankful for everything and especially grateful for 500 views on one of my YouTube videos.

No I’m not a top profile blogger or vlogger with over 1k followers but a humble naturalist who is blessed to share her natural journey with whomever takes the time to listen. 

When you’re doing something you love you get joy out of one person who listens and loves natural hair as much as you do. 

Thanks to everyone who has supported this little country girl and keeps me inspired to follow my passion. 

Protective Styles

If you’re rocking a TWA (teeny weeny afro) you really don’t need a protective style, no need to buy a $30.00 wig let your hair breathe. 

When I rocked my TWA, I was the wash and go queen. I remember my hairdresser calling inquiring why I hadn’t been to see her and I politely said “I did the big chop.” 

She seemed genuinely sad but I think she was sad about that money disappearing 💸. As my hair grew I began to wear protective styles. 

I wore protective styles because the less you do to your hair TO ME it grows. I would co-wash my hair on Sunday and wear a protective style the whole week. 

I love sitting on my living room floor and twisting my hair. My hair has come along way since my TWA stage and I’m so proud of the growth and health of my hair. 

My advice to Naturals out there is to embrace your natural hair but also protect your hair by wearing a protective style. I also apply hair food to my scalp when I wear a protective styles to keep my scalp from drying out, but you can use oils as a substitute for grease. 

Hopefully you enjoyed this blog ❤️. 

50 Subscribers!

I am so excited I can hardly type! I am happy to announce that I have 50 subscribers on my YouTube channel. 

May not seem much to some but I started this channel with no inclination of getting one subscriber. 

I am just overwhelmed with joy and I just want to say thanks for your support.