I recently went to a hair event in West Palm Beach and I was so amazed at how many vendors there were in the building. There were vendors selling oils, co-washes, gels, natural hair tshirts and more. Every booth I stopped to they handed me a business card and asked for one in return, but I didn’t have one to give! 

The light bulb finally went off, I need to get a business card because it’s all about networking with others. That was a great opportunity for me to expose myself and I blew it. How will anyone know about my YouTube channel? How will anyone know I’m a blogger or a vlogger? If I don’t advertise and network with others I might as well stop doing what I’m doing because I’m getting nowhere. As soon as I came home I jumped online and created a business card.

 Folks the next event I will be ready and passing out my card left and right to any and everybody. Networking is all about linking up, interacting, and connecting with others. Make sure to network you can’t make it in the natural hair world without others. 

Don’t Touch my Hair

The most offensive thing you could do to a natural is walk up to them and touch their hair.  I have had random strangers walk up to me and stretch out their hand toward my head and I step back. What can possibly make you want to walk up to someone that you don’t know and touch their hair like you are petting a chia. Even if you ask me politely the answer is going to be no. I understand it can be intriguing, I am also amazed when I see naturals with big hair afro’s, kinky twists, and locs but I dare not invade their space or disrespect their hair.  You have no right to do it and I am seeing it more and more especially with naturals. All naturals have been asked these questions “can I touch it? wow is that your real hair? does it hurt to comb? what do you use it to get it like that? what type of hair do you have?  and the list can go on and on.” Naturals protect your boundaries and don’t be afraid to use the word NO! 


 I truly love talking about natural hair and decided to bring my love of blogging to Facebook. I started this page a couple of days ago and it’s so very different from what I do here and on YouTube. I really would like to reach as many people as I can out there in the hair world so feel free to share my link with others. We have weekly discussions and I also post natural hair styles that you can do on your own hair. The page is very informative and you get to hear from other naturals discuss their journey. Please click on the link and like my page.

Black Women 

While some black women are wondering what they are wearing to work tomorrow, some black  women are pondering should they wear their natural hair in the workplace. In a society that looks down on African American women for embracing their kinks, coils and nappy hair; some are distancing themselves from their culture to fit in by buying tons of weaves, getting a blowout, or reverting back to the creamy crack. I applaud black women who embrace their natural hair texture and are not bullied by stereotypes to wear what they think is appropriate black hair. 

Hair Goals 

Let’s get acquainted by doing a Q&A! I know when I first went natural I was unsure of the goal I had for my hair. When I did the big chop in 2013 I just wanted to be free and liberated. As time went on I had to decide did I want to grow my hair out or keep it short and if I did grow it out would I wear twists,  braids, or wash and go’s. Some people think once you go natural that the journey is a piece of cake, but I am here to tell you that this natural hair journey has been the most difficult and enjoyable journey I have ever experienced. Difficult because I got tired of not knowing what to do with my hair once it began to grow out, finding products that worked best for my hair and staying away from the clippers. I have did the big chop three times because I became so impatient with my hair so once I decided  to grow it out staying out of the barbershop chair was definitely a challenge. I also have enjoyed this journey once I discovered all that I could do to my hair and still be free from the creamy crack. My journey inspired me to share my experiences with others by creating my own YouTube channel. My hair goal grew as my hair  did. I wanted healthy, manageable hair and that goal has not changed, I have just added length to the list. Please leave a comment about your natural hair goal!! 

Black Hair Matters

I recently read an article that shocked and angered me to the core. The article was about a school in Johannesburg called Pretoria High School for Girls. The article went on to say that girls in this school were being punished for having what some called  “exotic and unkept hair.” Out of all the places in the world I couldnt believe that this type of foolery was happening in Johannesburg. Apartheid has ended and people are still acting like slavery exist. Who are you to control how someone hair is kept?  You can’t make me where my hair straight and I don’t understand why some black women feel the need to straighten their hair or their children’s hair based on society views. We as a culture need to stop trying to fit in when we were born to stand out. I love my fro, my twists, my braids, my kinks, and my naps. If you didn’t know please brace yourself because “Black Hair Matters” queens raise your daughters to love themselves and embrace their God given beauty. I applaud the girls at Pretoria High for standing up and not only being seeing but heard!!!