Empowering Women

Women should empower other women, as a woman you shouldn’t be jealous of your girlfriends, but rooting for them to win. I have seen so many women digging ditches for those that are living out their dreams. Why are they hating when they can work hard and make it happen for themselves? Even those that get ahead still hate because they don’t want anyone to surpass them. I decided last night to create a group on Facebook titled “Successful Women Rock!” Hatred has no place in sisterhood, but unity. If we aren’t happy for one another’s success women supporters as we know them will become extinct. Be the supporter, the encourager, the EMPOWERED!!

Even if I don’t know you let’s empower one another. Please join this group to show your support to other women.




I’ve told my story to many and how growing up without a dad almost destroyed my inner being. While others hugged their father and became a daddy’s girl I became my grandfathers daughter because that’s who raised me. I remember asking my grandad could I call him dad and he replied yes. I thought I would eventually get over the way I felt toward my dad but as I have become older the feeling of being abandoned still eats away at me daily.

I have come to the realization that I was a fatherless child, even though his DNA helped to create me the man he was didn’t help raise me. It’s sad and unfortunate because I think I’m pretty amazing. I can recall asking him for $20.00 dollars and his reply of I don’t have it when he wore a neck full of chains and both hands weighted down with rings made me cringe.

No longer alive I can only go visit a grave without a headstone because as he abandoned me when I was a child he had been abandoned in death by the ones he loved so dearly. At his grave an orange flag marks where his head and feet lay. I could say this is karma, but the sad thing is I still love the man who didn’t love me back and even though he never gave to me I’m in the process of giving him a headstone.

New Year = Change

Christmas is over and the countdown has begun for a new year; the new year is quickly approaching and now all the “resolutions” are flowing into the atmosphere of YEAH RIGHT, CHILD BOO and STOP THE LIES. Some are approaching a new year with a motto of change but a mind to stay the same. Losing weight and giving up cigarettes were the top two resolutions when I was a kid, but now people are pushing the envelope by promising to leave their jobs and disown their dysfunctional families.

While these resolutions are very are drastic, why do some have to wait for a “New Year” to make a change?

Remember change begins with you before it can begin with anyone else, January 1st, is only a date not a LIFE CHANGER.


Forget those people who say you’re never happy, or always complaining. Truth be told you are happy, just not with them. Some people can drain your spirit and make you wish that you never knew them. Being alone is not such a bad thing, that moment when you can live in complete silence and not be obligated is a gift to yourself. It bothers me when I hear people say “I need someone,” the only person you need at that moment is you.

Ask yourself

Are you falling in love with being with a person or the title that accompanies the relationship? Before you answer that, think hard the next time you ponder settling.


Sometimes you write a blog and you have so many emotions running rapidly you don’t even have a title for your writing. You can be happy, sad, angry, or just troubled by life expectancies that you just ramble out words knowing the reader is lost because nothing you’re saying makes any sense only to you because it’s your life. (that’s me right now)

I have put myself in certain situations that I am partly to blame for the people that I let stay in my life, if I don’t evict them they will constantly turn my world upside down. I have let too many people rent space in my heart based on tenure. My friends say “wait until the New Year.” I hate to make New Years Resolutions; why should I wait until the beginning of the year to make a change when it can be done today.

This morning I woke up determined to work on strengthening my heart, for so long I have let people and their problems weigh on my heart. Cloudy, troubled and disdained emotions have weighed me down for so long not waiting to the beginning of the year to evict serving notices today.


You gave me your last name when my father wouldn’t.

You encouraged me to write when I told you I couldn’t.

You purchased materials that you said I would need.

You saw a talent in me that I couldn’t see.

You taught me to believe in my dreams.

And I am forever grateful that you believed in me

Dedicating all my books in your honor for without you I would be no author.


You have been downgrading for so long that you forgot an upgrade was possible. You are beautiful and he’s a fool if he thinks your only option is him. He’s told you that no one will ever want you and you believed his pathetic lies. There are still some good men out there; stop punishing them for his actions. Any man who loves you will not hurt you with his words, any man who loves you will not hurt you with his hands. It’s time for you to upgrade, It’s time for you to move on knowing that you are better off without the abuse and lies it’s time for that upgrade!