Ungrateful people rub me the wrong way with their antics ( foolish behavior). They are blessed and don’t appreciate what they have. Some people struggle day in and day out, just barely making enough to pay their bills, but they are more thankful than the ones who have the high paying jobs and nice homes. Looking down on the poor thinking that will never be them, think again.

You are blessed to have the things you have and it’s only right to be appreciative. I have seen people who barely have give their last and people who have more than enough won’t give a dime.

Okay I’m getting off track with this blog but you get the point, BE APPRECIATIVE!!

For those that are going through financial hardships stay strong God has not forgotten you!! You may be struggling, but the wait will soon be over. Keep thanking God for what you have and even when he blesses you continue to be a blessing to someone else.

Click on the link below for this uplifting song that keeps me encouraged.



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