It’s a cold world out there, people are no longer looking out for others only themselves. What happened to sharing, shucks what happened to caring. People robbing folks, killing folks, and going home afterwards falling asleep like they committed no crime. My grandfather always said “a person that can kill a man  and fall asleep soundly was a dangerous man.” I don’t bother to turn on the news it’s too depressing. I remember growing up I always wanted to be a broadcaster, I even got my Associates in Journalism but I never followed through with it as a career because I felt that reporters had no sympathy. Anyway they could get a story they would get it, even it meant knocking on your door at wee hours of the morning or following you everywhere you go. With so much going on in the world, you feel like you’re in prison afraid to leave the house because you may not make it back. Where are we safe? In the church? that proved to not be the case with Dylan Roof who killed those innocent victims in Charleston, maybe a restaurant? not the case in that Luby’s shooting that took place in 1991 in Killeen Texas, how about the school? no not with helpless children losing their lives in the Columbine Shooting that took place in 1999. You can’t even go to a movies…. Home invasions are on the rise! This is a cold world where are we safe?? 


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