I’m a sinner saved by grace, just in the nick of time before I would have bust hell wide open. I was not living right at all, and should have been dead along time ago. The older folks  would constantly say “Y’all gon’ bust hell wide open,” like they were living clean lives, they were the main ones steering children wrong, clubbing on Saturday and churching on Sunday like they were lined up with God Almighty himself. I know I was doing  wrong and didn’t need a person who was worse off than me preaching scripture they never followed themselves. I don’t know what made me so special that God spared me but I can say his  grace and mercy gave me chance after chance to get it right.  It bothers me to see so called Christians that look down on everyone like they don’t have a past, let them tell it they  have never committed a sin so therefore they are going straight to heaven when they die. Those are the ones that don’t speak to you outside of the church walls or acknowledge you within the church walls, but are quick to say Amen when the preacher says something to their liking. Get the heck out of here with that foolishness, you hate me but you love Christ, is that it? You don’t have to love man just the creator,  is that it? We are all sinners saved by grace! Deitrick Haddon collaborates with Big Boi from Outkast on a song “We’re just sinners saved by grace,” that song dissects how I feel about people that are holier than thou at their convenience, convenient on Sunday,  Bible Study, and Prayer Meeting or when they feel the need to tear down someone who don’t attend church as much as they do. We fall down but we get back up and that is what’s most important, getting back up and not staying down. Stop with the theatrics only Jesus is perfect; you weren’t hung on the cross for our sins, he was!!  This is why some people won’t attend the church because they feel worse after attending, sometimes you get more love in the streets from Sinners than Christians. Until they understand that we were all born in sin then maybe the picture will be clearer. I am thankful for God’s grace and mercy and how he forgives and doesn’t bring it up in your face every time you do wrong. I have overcome a lot of the critics because my life is in God’s hand and not in man’s, hypocrites are ruthless they will dispose of you and throw you away to the wolves to be devoured, but God is just and forgiving. The great thing about God is that once you repent he throws our sins away in the sea of forgetfulness. 

To listen to the song click on the link below.



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