What is faith? We all claim to have faith, but how often do we apply it to our lives. Webster defines faith as having a strong belief or trust in someone or something. Who are you trusting and believing? Everyday our faith is tested by how we react to situations; do we hold on or let go; and how important is our faith in God. If you were told today that you will die tomorrow where would your faith lie, would you throw in the towel right then or fight the good fight of faith. It seems to me when others are going through we stress that they should just hold on to their faith, but when we are in put in the same situation we give up on the spot. Don’t get me wrong, when you are going through you feel like the world is on your shoulders and you can’t see no way out, but trials are suppose to make you strong. I don’t think you’re activating your faith; the Bible says faith without works is dead. Having faith the size of a mustard seed is not impossible because with God all things are possible. You can’t just sit there and say “faith move on my behalf,” you have to get up and say “faith we are moving in this direction on my behalf.”


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