I walk into a quiet atmosphere greeted by a cheerful hostess,  she escorts me to a cozy booth and I have a seat. It’s around 11:30 am and lunch has just begun, I browse through the menu just to appease onlookers but I came through the door knowing what I wanted. I’m at my favorite place, different location, but my favorite place!! 

Another sit down at Red Lobster; what did I do so good to enjoy such a delectable meal? Vanessa is my waitress and she is the sweetest; I order the peppercorn steak well done with grilled shrimp accompanied by a corn on the cob and a baked potato topped with sour cream, butter, and shredded cheese.  By the way let me get a side of shrimp pasta; I am a celebrating my first paperback release on Amazon, let’s toast with my sprite soda. 

Small Town Gossip

Oh no!! They are out of corn on the cob 😲, no worries double the potato please. How can you run out of corn, did you not inventory your food supply ?

The salad comes first, it’s been pre-made and stuck in the fridge just in case they have a rush crowd, it has no crunch and the croutons taste stale, BUMMER. 

I sit there in a daze waiting on the main course and it comes out steaming hot. I don’t know where to start so I began with the potato it’s delicious, I sample the pasta it’s delicious, let me try a shrimp, it’s delicious, I cut into my steak it’s MEDIUM RARE……..


I’m sorry says Vanessa I will have them make you another one.

Can I have a to go box, thanks you were an excellent waitress and you handled things perfectly. 

Walks out of restaurant with to go bags in hand, thinking they fixed their mistake they get an A+ in my books.


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