Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would be in the place where I am now,  I always loved writing as a child and one day I hoped to share my gift and finally I am. The journey that I am on hasn’t always been easy, I have encountered bumps in the road when some of the people that I thought would be supportive of my venture turned their backs on me; hurt me to the core but I kept pushing through with tears falling from my eyes. I have come to the realization that I am a AUTHOR; someone out there actually likes what I write and life right now is not what I could have ever imagined but I’m so happy because things are happening that I never thought would. 

There are people that wish the worst upon you, if they don’t have a hand in it they don’t want anything good to come out of your situation. I have gotten more support from outsiders than insiders; what happened to loyalty, encouragement, friendship, happiness for others, love, family love, love period? I guess if it isn’t happening to them they want no part of the struggle until you become successful. I remember at one point in time I wanted to stop and then I thought to myself why should I give them the satisfaction of quitting because they don’t like it? Regardless of who likes what I am doing, I will continue to push forward. I am learning the ones that are faithful at the beginning will be faithful at the end.

They complained the prices of my books were to high but my books are cheaper than a Happy Meal at McDonalds and a Whopper Jr. Meal at Burger King .  An old saying that I was brought up on “when someone shows you who they are, believe them.” If they don’t want you to succeed at the beginning they don’t want you to succeed at the end either. I will continue to PUSH; pray until something happens. I will continue to do what I love whether the support is there or not. Thanks to everyone who has supported me and encouraged me thus far it means so much and I will never forget it! To view my Amazon page click on the link below. 

Sabrina Gonzalez – Amazon Author


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