She’s a Fighter

April 20, 2017 my daughter was admitted into the hospital; this was the worst day of my  life. I say my life because a mother is supposed to protect and take care of their child and I felt so helpless; to see my child sick and not be able to do anything. I wished so badly that I could trade places with her, that I could take her pain!!  For nine days my daughter fought for her life; five of those days was spent in ICU where she wasn’t even able to breathe on her own . Everyday the doctors would come by her room and tell me how sick she was and that she could have died with Sepsis Shock! My daughter is a beautiful nineteen year with the world at her finger tips, she is vibrant and enjoys life so for her to have been admitted into the hospital and now in a fight for her life wasn’t fair. I prayed day in and day out asking God to please leave her here with me and not take her to be with him. 

My daughter never gets sick so when she called me to say she didn’t feel good I thought she had the flu or food poisoning. When I heard her vomit over the phone I knew there was something wrong and when I FaceTimed her and looked at her face I knew something was seriously wrong. I called my friend Sharon and we headed to Miami; that seemed like the longest ride of our lives!! We couldn’t get to her college quick enough; when I reached her she was weak but I still was thinking it was the flu. After we loaded up the car departing FIU she laid down in the backseat and went to sleep. She seemed to be getting better until she woke me up at 4am saying she was cold and had chills. I called the paramedics and we made the trip to the hospital. 

When we got to our local hospital they told me that my daughter had a kidney stone and that it was very big; 2.2 centimeters to be exact and they would transfer her to another hospital. When we got to that hospital they did another scan and seen she had not just one but two stones and the one that was blocking her urethra was 8mm.  They did an emergency procedure to unblock the urine in her kidney by putting a needle in that area to drain the fluid. You would think this would take care of the problem but complications caused her blood pressure and oxygen to drop; also elevate her heart rate. They called code Sepsis three times before admitting her into ICU. 

The ICU doctor couldn’t believe that she survived after having Sepsis Shock, being on a Bipap and High Flow. 

My daughter went home today on April 29, 2017 with a Nephrostomy Tube; she will follow up on Monday to see where we go from here. I am a praying mother and I know God to be a healer. For those that have experienced this I pray for you, if you have never experienced this be thankful and pray for those that have. My daughter is a fighter and I know God has his reasons and I can’t question him, she is my miracle child and her present being and future being is not over because God has something great in store for her. I started the hashtag #prayforbritt because her road to recovery is just beginning. 


Author: Sabrina Gonzalez

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18 thoughts on “She’s a Fighter”

  1. OMG sis
    My heart dropped as I read this almost in tears
    I am true believer in prayer and I know she will be back to her normal self soon
    I love u all

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  2. I so grateful to the Lord for touching this beautiful young lady body!!! So please to know she is at home and know that the Lord will complete what He has begun. So thankful for blessing her to have a praying mom. Keep the faith and trust God because we all know that prayer change things. Love you all!!!

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  3. Smile Sabrina… knowing that as a mother, you NEVER gave up. You never gave up your hope, never gave up on your Faith and NEVER gave up on your God. Brittany is blessed to have you as her mother. I love you

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    1. Carrie do not make me cry!! I remember when we worked together at the prison you always called my girls angels! Thanks for being a friend and I love you too!! No one is a more stronger than you!!


  4. Thank God she’s healing every day. You know I understand! As parents (good ones) we never want our child to hurt or be sick let alone be in ICU fighting for their life (story so close to home for me) Thank God for the prayer warriors prayer really does change situations. Thank God for Britt’ s speedy recovery

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