I believe that we feed our stomachs with our eyes. Have you ever went to a restaurant and couldn’t decide what you wanted so you ordered what you saw on someone else’s plate?  All the way there you knew exactly what you would get and once you got there your mind went  blank. 

I am a seafood lover so when I’m in the big city of Doral Fl, I go to the Red Lobster on 87th Avenue.  All the way there today I knew I would get the Snow Crab Legs. I didn’t bother to look at the menu because I knew what I wanted , until I seen  my old friends steak and potato pass by headed to someone’s table.

When I got seated it wasn’t a lot of people there but within 30 minutes the place got packed, I didn’t realize that many people would be there on a Sunday. 

Okay so here goes the food  truth……the salad was delicious, the baked potato was amazing, the corn was tasty, but my steak was tough. 

Okay so here goes the customer service truth….the server was nice but overwhelmed, the restaurant was noisy but pleasant. 

Bottom line…. I would go back again but I need more biscuits or does Red Lobster have a shortage on bread 🤔. 


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