When I look into my son’s eyes I am reminded daily that God blessed me with a MIRACLE. It’s hard to fathom that this is the same little boy that the doctors said would not make it. 

The only thing a mother truly wants is for her child to be healthy, a mother will give her own life so her child  may have the opportunity to LIVE

I will never forget that moment when they took my son after birth to run tests , needless to say their tests would be my TESTIMONY

“Negative results how could this be, you’re lucky” they said, but I replied BLESSED.

 My son is a happy, energetic, and smart little boy who keeps me on my toes, I can’t imagine my LIFE without him.

Not once did I lose my FAITH in God,  I prayed day in and day out. I share my story because someone reading this may be going through a hard pregnancy and feel like giving up based on what the doctors have said, please don’t give up. 

Doctors tell you what they see and diagnose cases on their studies, but if you have faith and PRAY without ceasing  I’m a witness that miracles happen. 

My son is now seven and thinks he’s my bodyguard, LOL. To think that the little boy that I once carried in my womb, rocked on my lap, carried on my shoulder, now stands beside me as a little fellow whose smile melts my HEART everyday ❤.


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