I remember dropping her off wondering would I ever see her again. As she got out of my station wagon and glanced toward the kitchen window where the machete sat placed at an angle I could see the fear in her eyes; I begged her to get back in the car, but she said she would be fine and walked away. I was so worried but what could I do she didn’t want my help. Earlier in the day my sweet friend Emma had confided in me that she was in an abusive relationship, she said her husband beat her and threatened that if she tried to leave he would cut her up with the machete in the kitchen window. 

I was fresh out of high school attending a vocational school three towns over in Belle Glade, FL  pursuing a license in Cosmetology. I was clueless about abuse because I had not been exposed to it or knew of anyone being abused. I don’t know why she told me but she did.  

One morning as I stopped by to pick up Emma I could hear her husband screaming at her, I couldn’t make out the words but I knew it was bad. I didn’t know whether to get out of the car and knock on the door or drive off. After contemplating what to do for about five minutes I got out of my car, I was so nervous my knees were knocking. 

I knocked on the door really hard for about five minutes. Finally Emma came out of the house she looked as though she had been crying. I offered to take her to a police station but she refused. I asked if she had family she could go stay with she said no. The rest of the ride to school was quiet. The next morning I received a call from Emma she said that she would no longer be attending school; I kept stopping by but she didn’t answer the door, I called but her number was no longer in service. Everyday I would ride by and one day I noticed a for rent sign in the window where the machete once sat, Emma had moved.  I haven’t seen Emma since but I know there are some Emma’s out there. I always wondered why she stayed and why her husband was abusive. Did Emma see her mother get abused and did her husband see his father abuse his mother?? No one deserves to be abused whether physically or verbally, LOVE doesn’t HURT!! 


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