Growing up in a black home the most important day of the week is Soul Food Sunday! On Soul Food Sunday you go to church  praise the Lord and come home to a table overflowing with Soul Food; fried chicken, cabbage, lima beans, collard greens, smothered porkchops, fried okra, candy yams, homemade macaroni and cheese, corn bread, fried ribs, yellow rice, white rice, catfish, chitterlings, ham, banana pudding, red velvet cake, and sweet potato pies.

Your mouth is  watering but you can’t dig in until the designated person prays over the food which is the longest prayer when you’re hungry. That aroma is going up your nose and your stomach begins to growl louder and louder.  When the prayer is complete everyone digs in. 

You sit to the table enjoying big momma’s feast as she ask “baby you want some dessert?” You’re so stuffed but you don’t won’t to turn down the dessert because you’re just that greedy. Big momma goes into the kitchen and comes out with dessert.

You see the older men loosen their belts and the older ladies ask to be excused to go take off their stockings to make room for that sweet potato pie, red velvet cake, banana pudding, and german chocolate cake. Big momma just smiles because she knows she put her foot in that meal. 

After the feast all the adults males go into the living room to catch the rest of the football game, the ladies help big momma in the kitchen cleaning up, and the kids go outside to play. It’s been a successful Soul Food Sunday until we all meet again at big mommas house. 


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