Growing up I was always surrounded by animals; cats, dogs, chickens, gerbils, you name it. I always thought I would grow up to be a veterinarian but sadly I didn’t. As a child I had 5 dogs, 2 cats, and one gerbil; a gerbil that my mom was scared to death of. My mom never liked my gerbil Charlie  and wouldn’t even give him a chance; I still think to this day that she let him out of his cage instead of him running away, because her story never added up 💭.
 In my neighborhood it wasn’t uncommon to walk down the street next to a rooster, lol. We got milk from cows, eggs from chickens, and seen men in the neighborhood gallop around the streets on horses while avoiding trails of poop the horses left behind. 

As a lover of all types of animals I was so excited when my previous job announced we were taking the kids to Gatorama. Gatorama is a alligator farm, but they not only house gators and crocodiles but other animals as well.   When the handlers asked did we want to hold a gator I was like um nooooo I read your sign “Fast hands or No Hands. After a chant from some of my preschoolers I went all in.


As you can see his mouth was taped but my heart was stil pounding out of my chest. The kids loved this trip and so did I! What a great experience for preschoolers. 

Last year 2016 I took my son to Lion Country Safari, he loves animals as well. During our visit we were able to feed giraffes, see lions, monkeys, zebras, rhinos and so many more beautiful animals. My son of course pushed me up to feed, and hold the animals while he sat back with a cool aid smile. He said “mommy I can’t wait for until our next adventure.”


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