Akili Kabibe Apparel

Note to self…. Keep doing what you love because someone out there is watching ❀. If you have been following my blog you already know that I love natural hair, natural hair products, natural hair accessories, and natural hair events. If I’m not on YouTube doing a video or googling the next hair event πŸ’», I am on my Facebook page posting hairstyles and tipsπŸ“±! 

 I recently uploaded a video that showcased some of my natural hair clothing. One of the retailers I mentioned was Akili Kabibe Apparel, this was actually the first retailer I purchased a natural hair t-shirt from. I was introduced to Akili Kabibe Apparel through Etsy. 

What made me buy from this company was their response to questions I asked; I am always sketchy when purchasing items online but their reply showed me they cared about their customers. This was the beginning of my love for  t-shirts, so just imagine how I felt when they commented on my YouTube video and thanked me for mentioning their clothing!!

It doesn’t stop there, they also mentioned me on their Facebook page; I felt like Spongebob when he said “it’s the best day ever.” Note to self…Keep doing what you love because someone out there is watching πŸ’•.


Author: Sabrina Gonzalez

writer's life

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