Length check, length check, guess whose hair just grew and inch or two;  yep your girl and  I couldn’t be more excited. I started my natural hair journey in 2013 when I did my first big chop and after chopping off my hair two to three more times after my initial big chop I decided to let it grow. I began a YouTube channel documenting my natural  hair journey;  sharing product reviews, how to’s, blogging, and vlogging. Didn’t receive a lot of subscribers because the hair world is competitive; there are thousands of YouTubers who are natural that are preaching the same thing I am day in and day out. 

I poured everything into my hair journey because I truly believed in leaving the creamy crack behind. I am so glad to be apart of team natural and I let everyone know where I stand. I am always trying to recruit perm wearers to come on over to the natural side. I truly believe that black woman can grow long healthy hair without chemicals, it can be done if you have patience because my hair is growing.


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