Monday through Friday I get out of my bed with an urgency; that urgency is work. Work is a place where adults dress professionally, speak cordially to their co-workers, and get paid to do the job they were hired for; not sit on their  derrières all day and do nothing. 

In my previous line of employment I worked in a correctional facility. It was 1998 and I was so happy to have a job. I remember my very first staff meeting; Warden Tommy Douberley approached the podium with a stern face and spoke these words “leave your personal problems at the gate/door.”

At first I thought what a cruel thing to say to your employees, those that work tirelessly to make sure the job gets done day in and day out. I didn’t understand it then but as I got older I understood what he was saying. Yes we all have personal problems but if it’s going to stop you from doing your job then it’s not welcome here in the workplace.

 I hear so many that complain about their work load and don’t realize how many people would love to be in the  position that they take for granted. The unemployed stand in long lines daily looking for jobs that you are blessed to have.  

In closing I leave these words; everyday get up with a mindset to be better, and do better because actions go much further than words. 


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