Why are we so preoccupied with skin tone? I ask that question because I see so many woman bleaching their skin to become light and so many other women baking in the sun to become dark. Do you not like who you are? Are you not comfortable in your own skin? Do you wish you were someone else? I’m puzzled; what could possibly make you unhappy in the skin you’re in. 

White women wishing they were black, black women wishing they were white,  it blows my mind that no one is happy within themselves and marketing doesn’t make it any better with their labeling tabs. Even our telephones emphasize color with emojis. It seems to be a never ending saga. 

Black is black and white is white. I don’t care if you’re light skin, black skin, fair skin, tan skin, you are a human being with a beautiful complexion that God blessed you with and that alone should make you feel beautiful. 

Never look down on yourself or look up to others because they look a certain way. The problem with society is that so much emphasis is put on the celebrities looking perfect that we get  infatuated with their lifestyle. Underneath all the makeup is blemished skin; words  to the wise be you and be happy. When you love who you are, you exuberate beauty inside and out. 


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