Natural Hair Accessories 

Do you have Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, or Snapchat? Well if you do you have seen the latest accessories for natural hair plastered all over social media outlets. In a previous blog I wrote about natural hair tshirts, well I am now strongly into natural hair accessories. I attended a hair show a couple of months ago and was able to purchase me a cute pair of earrings. 

I just love rocking my natural hair and putting that stamp of approval on my attire by saying I don’t just talk about it, I be about it! My daughters surprised me for Christmas 2016 by purchasing me natural hair accessories. I received a bumper sticker to promote my YouTube channel, a tshirt, tote bag, and phone case. I was so overjoyed I did a YouTube video about my gifts, and now this blog 😂😂.

I’m not saying everyone has to go out and buy natural hair accessories I’m just saying I love them and I love it more when someone surprises with a gift that’s a hair accessory. Hope you enjoyed this blog, if so follow my natural hair journey. 

Natural Hair Accessories


Author: Sabrina Gonzalez

writer's life

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