Every year people take it upon them themselves to make a New Year Resolution. They make a resolution promising to change for the new year; out with the old and in with the new they say.  I can actually count on one hand how many New Year Resolutions I kept during my early twenties and thirties.

At the close of one year I decided not to make anymore resolutions. Why did I have to wait for the beginning of a year to make a change when I could make changes whenever I felt the time was right. I have heard my friends say once the New Year comes in I am going to lose weight, stop smoking, eat healthy, be nice, stop lying, find love, save money, and the list goes on; but they never quite made their resolution come to pass. 

My advice would be when you find something within yourself that you want to change do it, don’t wait for a certain event to make that change because you are not promised tomorrow nevertheless today. 


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