Every natural knows it is important to get your hair trimmed every three to four months to keep their hair healthy; so this is why I called Mia the stylist of Sassy’s Salon to give me a trim. Mia has been a friend of the family for a very long time so she knows how I am about my hair, she has never trimmed my hair before but being around me I’m forever mentioning how I dread getting my hair trimmed and how I despise scissor happy stylist. I usually trim my own hair, but I always feel that I am not taking enough off. The day of my trim finally came and I  headed to Sassy’s Salon, on my way to the salon my stomach was in knots. I just didn’t feel right but I figured my nerves were getting the best of me so I kept driving. When I reached my destination I was more nervous than ever, I wanted to cancel my appointment because I  had a strange feeling in my gut but I didn’t. As I sat down Mia put the cape around my neck and begin to section my hair; she took some hair from  the sides, top, and back, she never turned me around to see the mirror but I could tell what areas she was in so I sat relaxed checking out my Facebook Page.

Professional Hair Scissors Cutting Thinning Stainless Steel Practical

When she finished she turned the chair around to the mirror  I almost passed out, this lady cut my hair not trimmed it. I stood up and got weak in the knees, I got a headache suddenly and on top of that tears welled up in my eyes. I was livid and screamed “What did you do!” She looked at me like I was crazy!! I was so upset that tears began to flow.  I grabbed my purse and stormed out, if she thought she was getting paid she was sadly mistaken.That was the worst day of my life,  I’ll just add she is no longer a family friend. Ladies when you get that funny feeling in your gut pay attention because if I did I would still have my hair. This actually happened  to me a couple of years ago,  I changed the stylist name and the salon name I shouldn’t have , but I have moved on and will never visit her or the salon again.


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