I remember rocking extensions back in the day weave and glue were my best friends. I lost a lot of edges along the way and it took awhile for them to grow back but thanks to prayer and coconut oil my edges sprouted once again, LOL! I was in love with that 1b deep wave “8” inch hair that was the go to weave back then. 

Some may ask why didn’t I sew it in, well to be honest I knew nothing about sew-ins until my edges ran way, even then I wasn’t trying to pay that much money for a sew-in. Bonding glue was cheap but boy did it do damage to my hair.

 I remember when my best friend got married we both got twenty-seven pieces. I was loving the look but I was terrified of how I was going to get that glue out of my hair. I had already prepared myself for the pain because I knew it would hurt like heck. A friend told me that if I applied baby oil all over my head it would come out easily. I soaked my head in baby oil to the point it ran down my face, neck, and back; I refused to be in pain. After an hour of soaking the extensions they came out of my  hair easily, but the glue that was stuck to my hair not so easy; just say hello big chop. My first big chop was done in the 90’s before natural hair was a big thing or lining up was a big deal 😵😵.

I’m happy to say that I’m thankful for the transformation and that I will never ever ever ever use glue again!!!


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