If you’re rocking a TWA (teeny weeny afro) you really don’t need a protective style, no need to buy a $30.00 wig let your hair breathe. 

When I rocked my TWA, I was the wash and go queen. I remember my hairdresser calling inquiring why I hadn’t been to see her and I politely said “I did the big chop.” 

She seemed genuinely sad but I think she was sad about that money disappearing 💸. As my hair grew I began to wear protective styles. 

I wore protective styles because the less you do to your hair TO ME it grows. I would co-wash my hair on Sunday and wear a protective style the whole week. 

I love sitting on my living room floor and twisting my hair. My hair has come along way since my TWA stage and I’m so proud of the growth and health of my hair. 

My advice to Naturals out there is to embrace your natural hair but also protect your hair by wearing a protective style. I also apply hair food to my scalp when I wear a protective styles to keep my scalp from drying out, but you can use oils as a substitute for grease. 

Hopefully you enjoyed this blog ❤️. 


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