I am not trying to keep up with the Fro’ses and hopefully they area not to keep up with me. I was in the hair salon getting a trim the other day and I overheard the ladies in the salon talking about everyone. I can only imagine what they say about me when I’m not around.

They started to talk about Mrs. Afro Puff and how she went out and bought a new conditioner for her hair. They said she was trying to be like her sister Mrs. Product Junkie, they said she is always buying and buying but can’t keep her lights on. I sat there with my mouth wide open  thinking to myself  I’m happy for her but I’m not trying to spend that type of money on products and get my lights turned off! New products are good but I’ll stick with my coconut oil my budget loves this stuff.

They then got on the topic of a steam cap, and said Mrs. 3b went out and got one and it cost her a arm and a leg. I still sat their thinking what is a steam cap and are they that expensive? I wasn’t made at her but happy, but in all honesty less heat makes your hair more healthier.Still trying to figure out why they were so worried with her purchase, maybe the stylist felt the steam cap would knock her funds.

They were just going on and on and then they started talking about Mrs. Twa and how she is wearing a wig because her husband doesn’t like her teeny weeny afro. They said she went behind his back and got it done. I sat their thinking to myself she may need to see a Natural Hair Counselor to workout the kinks in their relationship. Wow these people know everyone’s business I kept thinking to myself.

The most shocking conversation they held was when they said was that Mrs. 4c is thinking about getting back in her relationship with Mr. Creamy Crack. I sat their thinking if he burned you before he will burn you again. I was just shaking my head  but it wasn’t my business to speak on it to them.

You will always get the 411 in hair salons they talk about everybody’s business but their own while trying to keep up with the Fro’ses themselves. I am not trying to be like Mrs. Twa, Mrs. Afro Puff, Mrs. 4c, or Mrs. 3b. I give them props but truth be told we all have different hair textures that’s what makes us unique. I am to busy moisturizing, trimming, and conditioning my own fro to be worried about theirs.


4 thoughts on “Natural Hair Talk

  1. Ome of the number one problems in life, is that people cannot just be happy and tend to their own fro. They gotta be peeping through the blinds and spying on other people’s fros, while not taking care of their own. I call it staying in one’s own lane, and I work hard to keep it in between the lines. Great post.

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