I just want to get away, get away from everyone that is stressing me out with their their health issues, their financial woes, and their relationship problems. How did I become  their doctor, their financial planner, or their marriage counselor? 

I am learning more and more each day that people will put all their life discrepancies on you if you allow them. You’re walking around worried about what the doctor told them, do they have enough money in the bank to pay their bills, or will their marriage outlast the latest blowup they had the night before. 

Key words in all of this  hoopla is they, them, their, not one time was it mine. If you are one that let other people problems affect you then you need to let it go. Their problems weren’t ours to begin with. 

Don’t let their health affect your health, don’t let their bank account affect your bank account, don’t let their relationship affect your relationship. 

Any true friend or family member wouldn’t put you in any situation where it becomes your situation, learn to not let anything concerning others affect you. I am a witness I have struggled with trying to help others and then becoming affected, but I now drive up to the window of life carefully and if it doesn’t concern me I reverse out of it. 


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