Saturday was supposed to be a relaxing day for me until I got that dreaded  phone call from my mom saying “Brina come quick, my hair is falling out!” I almost choked on my chips and tripped over my feet as I ran to my moms house which is right next door, but it felt like an eternity to get there. 

When I finally stepped inside my mom’s house she was in the bathroom her head was covered in black hair dye and she had patches of her hair in the sink. I had to think quickly I was so nervous my knees were buckling. My mom was crying and I couldn’t make out any words she was saying. Finally I had to take control of the situation and I yelled out “mom calm down, what did you do to your hair?” Between crying and muttering out the words she said “I, I, permed my hair then dyed it and my hair started falling out!” I was dumbfounded by what she  said so I asked her to repeat that sentence again. My mom then said very softly still crying non-stop “I, I, permed my hair then dyed it and my hair started to fall out!” I burst out laughing uncontrollably!! I know bad daughter, but my mom is a former hairdresser and knows better. 

I quickly rinsed out the remaining dye and quickly dashed to the kitchen to get a raw egg from the fridge, believe it or not the protein in the egg is good for breakage. The egg magically did the trick; well two eggs that is. I truly think this was a lesson learned for my mom. She will never ever perm her hair and dye it again! She is now wearing wigs for a month or two until her hair grows back and counting her lucky stars that she’s not completely bald. Just say she is now team natural, I’m not happy that this happened but I’m happy she’s now transitioning to become a natural. 



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