So I have been contemplating dyeing my hair. I see women on Instagram rocking blue, purple, green, and colors I don’t even know how they got and I get excited. I want to dye my hair I tell myself but then I think of the damage it will do to my hair and then I say it’s not worth it. I recently read an article where someone used vegetable hair dye. Vegetable hair dye is supposedly a safer alternative compared to regular hair dye. 

I have dyed my hair before and my hair suffered because of it, the breakage I experienced was unbelievable! I’ve found through my experiences that some hairstylist will not tell you what dye can do to your hair because they want the money. Shameful to say but it’s true. I am strongly considering the vegetable dye because it’s not harsh on your hair but then the downside of this is that it’s semi-permanent meaning it will wash out in 8-10 washes like Henna. I would love for my hair color to be permanent and look like the ladies I see on the Dark and Lovely box but that is not possible because they have an entourage to keep those ladies on point.

 We as naturals should have exciting hair not hair that is dull; you know,spice it up a bit. Well I will post an updated blog when I do this transformation, until next time toodles. 


11 thoughts on “To Dye or not to Dye

      1. Click on the link, it tells you all about it. And what to do. I thought it kind of daunting for a minute, but I’ve really enjoyed answering the questions and recognizing other bloggers that I enjoy. Give it a peek.

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