I am team natural and I love it. Not knocking anyone for their style but this is what I prefer. I have come along way with my hair and I am so proud of myself for sticking to something that is good for my budget and my tresses. I remember one day putting a perm in my hair I let it stay as long as I could trying  to get my hair very straight; I recall my choice of perm back then was TCB. Even when the timer went off I gave myself 5 more minutes of torture. Oh my gosh when I tell you my head was on fire it literally was burning uncontrollably that I had to wash it out, I couldn’t get to the sink fast enough.  I was proud of myself for saving $40.00 but in pain and agony.  As the week went on I got a sore in my head which I later found out was a chemical burn, when I tried to scratch the sore out of my head it left a bald patch that shined when the light hit it. You should have seen me trying to comb my hair to the side to hide that bald spot. As years went on I decided to do the big chop in 2013. I must say I have saved money, but if you add up all the products I have bought it probably equaled out to what I was spending in the beginning, but I won’t complain because I’m rocking a healthier head of hair. I preach team natural to anyone I come in contact with, why keep the secret to yourself if it’s beneficial. 


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