Castor Oil for Naturals 

So I’m browsing on Google looking for products that thicken up natural hair and I come across castor oil. 

I thought to myself someone gotta be playing a cruel joke because my grandmother would give me castor oil once a month to regulate my bowels, what rocket scientist tried this on their hair. As I researched more the castor oil I took as a child is only a part of the ingredient that makes up the product Jamaican Black Castor oil so I am okay with that. 

When I first used the Jamaican Black  Castor Oil I poured a little from the bottle it was so thick. I applied the product to my hair brushed it up and tied my scarf around my head; went to sleep and when I woke up my hair looked A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! For the past month since using this oil my hair has transformed from thin to thick, from dull to shiny, from unmanageable to manageable. To think the ingredient I hated so much as a child I love as an adult. 


Author: Sabrina Gonzalez

writer's life

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