“Ouch! You burnt me.” These words still echo in my head to this day. I remember the straightening comb being my arch enemy as a child, because my mom felt for every special occasion my hair needed to be stuck to my head. I remember looking in the mirror and thinking to myself I look like a wet duck! I think all the mom’s in my community had secret meetings about what occasions out of the year that their daughters would undergo this transformation, what grease to apply to get our hair laid, the ten second rule on laying the straightening comb on a towel until it stopped smoking and how to avoid burning our ears. Lord help you if your ears got burnt that meant your ears got lathered down with vaseline because neosporin wasn’t out back then, and if it was in the black household we used vaseline for everything. I promised myself when I had girls that I would never subject them to the terrible straightening comb and I am proud to say I didn’t. 


2 thoughts on “The Straightening Comb

  1. I remember the straightening comb. Singed ears and the occasional burn at the neckline, when they were trying to get the kitchen real good. I will not be subjecting my daughter to a straightening comb either.

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    1. That kitchen area got us burnt plenty of times because my neck started to hurt after being bent down for so long!! Our daughters have no idea what we went through, I’ve heard that beauty is pain but I don’t want that kind of pain ever again.


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