I recently went to a hair event in West Palm Beach and I was so amazed at how many vendors there were in the building. There were vendors selling oils, co-washes, gels, natural hair tshirts and more. Every booth I stopped to they handed me a business card and asked for one in return, but I didn’t have one to give! 

The light bulb finally went off, I need to get a business card because it’s all about networking with others. That was a great opportunity for me to expose myself and I blew it. How will anyone know about my YouTube channel? How will anyone know I’m a blogger or a vlogger? If I don’t advertise and network with others I might as well stop doing what I’m doing because I’m getting nowhere. As soon as I came home I jumped online and created a business card.

 Folks the next event I will be ready and passing out my card left and right to any and everybody. Networking is all about linking up, interacting, and connecting with others. Make sure to network you can’t make it in the natural hair world without others. 


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