The most offensive thing you could do to a natural is walk up to them and touch their hair.  I have had random strangers walk up to me and stretch out their hand toward my head and I step back. What can possibly make you want to walk up to someone that you don’t know and touch their hair like you are petting a chia. Even if you ask me politely the answer is going to be no. I understand it can be intriguing, I am also amazed when I see naturals with big hair afro’s, kinky twists, and locs but I dare not invade their space or disrespect their hair.  You have no right to do it and I am seeing it more and more especially with naturals. All naturals have been asked these questions “can I touch it? wow is that your real hair? does it hurt to comb? what do you use it to get it like that? what type of hair do you have?  and the list can go on and on.” Naturals protect your boundaries and don’t be afraid to use the word NO! 


2 thoughts on “Don’t Touch my Hair

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