Let’s get acquainted by doing a Q&A! I know when I first went natural I was unsure of the goal I had for my hair. When I did the big chop in 2013 I just wanted to be free and liberated. As time went on I had to decide did I want to grow my hair out or keep it short and if I did grow it out would I wear twists,  braids, or wash and go’s. Some people think once you go natural that the journey is a piece of cake, but I am here to tell you that this natural hair journey has been the most difficult and enjoyable journey I have ever experienced. Difficult because I got tired of not knowing what to do with my hair once it began to grow out, finding products that worked best for my hair and staying away from the clippers. I have did the big chop three times because I became so impatient with my hair so once I decided  to grow it out staying out of the barbershop chair was definitely a challenge. I also have enjoyed this journey once I discovered all that I could do to my hair and still be free from the creamy crack. My journey inspired me to share my experiences with others by creating my own YouTube channel. My hair goal grew as my hair  did. I wanted healthy, manageable hair and that goal has not changed, I have just added length to the list. Please leave a comment about your natural hair goal!! 


2 thoughts on “Hair Goals 

  1. My natural hair goal is to get he back to grow as long as the top does. But I am so lazy with it. So I’m going to get myself a satin pillowcase and try pineapple-ing it every night to see if that helps. I almost got some to the cantu leave-in conditioner that you advocated on your youtube channel, and it smelled so lovely; that’s how I knew I couldn’t use it. I have very sensitive eczema prone skin and have to stay away from anything that smells lovely. Any ideas for a good moisture preserving product that would work for natural hair and sensitive skin?

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    1. My son and husband have asthma and allergies, which makes their sensitivity high! I have bought so many products but when they say what’s that smell even though it’s good for my hair I know I can’t wear IT anymore. I use egg for breakage and coconut oil as a pre-poo because that seems to be the one smell they can tolerate. For skin I use Dove sensitive soap we all do. For hair I stick to basics even though I have tried so much but try using olive oil it works well as well. I put that or conditioner in a water bottle to keep my hair moisturizer because it dries out a lot. And thanks for checking out my channel that means a lot 😍.


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