I recently read an article that shocked and angered me to the core. The article was about a school in Johannesburg called Pretoria High School for Girls. The article went on to say that girls in this school were being punished for having what some called  “exotic and unkept hair.” Out of all the places in the world I couldnt believe that this type of foolery was happening in Johannesburg. Apartheid has ended and people are still acting like slavery exist. Who are you to control how someone hair is kept?  You can’t make me where my hair straight and I don’t understand why some black women feel the need to straighten their hair or their children’s hair based on society views. We as a culture need to stop trying to fit in when we were born to stand out. I love my fro, my twists, my braids, my kinks, and my naps. If you didn’t know please brace yourself because “Black Hair Matters” queens raise your daughters to love themselves and embrace their God given beauty. I applaud the girls at Pretoria High for standing up and not only being seeing but heard!!!


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