So a couple of months ago I was approached by another natural inquiring about my hair. During our conversation she wanted to know was I using vitamins. I told her I tried it once but didn’t see a difference in my hair so I stopped. She began to tell me how her hair grew using Mane Choice and that she could see the difference in her hair within a month. I thought to myself there is no way that a vitamin can do this in a month. I was not about to buy into this foolery; companies were just racking up  bucks in the natural hair world selling this and that promising growth, thickness, and manageability. What would they be selling next? She must have read the “yeah right” expression on my face because she challenged me to try the vitamin and do a YouTube review on the product. The chick knows I love doing reviews so I took her up on this offer and tried it; call me a guinea pig if you like, but it’s within me to try different products and experiment. I wouldn’t be a risk taker if I didn’t. If I don’t try it on myself how can I tell my experience truthfully. I not only tried the Mane Choice but I compared it to another vitamin as well. The results will surprise you because they surprised me.  YouTube review is coming soon, I mean real soon I  can’t wait to share my results with everyone.


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